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A lot of times when I tell people I have a blog, they ask, “Oh, what kind of blog?” Lately my answer has been: “Random stuff… but I guess mostly about food and fitness and friends.” I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Here are some snapshots and comments about the past couple days – and big surprise – they have to do with food, fitness, and friends!


My cooking has been at a minimum, thanks in large part to the meals and snacks at the sorority house.


egg whites and sourdough wheat toast with cream cheese; cereal (first bowl in a while); pasta, garlic green beans, garlic bread; taco salad; ice cream and apple crisp; strawberry yogurt and PB –> all meals from the sorority house!

food collage

the last of the delicious tabouleh and a bowl of spinach with ranch; beans, kale salad, really tasty quinoa, salad and guacamole; roasted zucchini, carrots, celery, onion


Recent workouts:

Wednesday: 2 hour dance practice; gym: 1 mile incline walk, 1 mile run

Thursday: 2 hour dance practice

Friday: danced at women’s basketball game; gym: half mile warmup walk, 2 mile run, half mile cooldown, 15 mins on the bike

photo (36)

Saturday: 7 mile hike (ran 4.6 of the miles). Breakfast was an on-the-go smoothie with banana, chocolate protein powder, spinach, water/ice.

IMG_7345 IMG_7344

Instead of going straight up to the Hollywood sign like the past couple times, I went to the right and into the canyon. Then I came back up the canyon trail, then up and around to the sign. This 7 mile trail reminds me of the Almaden Quicksilver trail that I LOVE. It’s the perfect length. I listened to electronic music for the first 40 minutes, but then switched to Angels & Airwaves for the remainder of the run. Very ethereal.

hollywood hike

Running up the steep inclines was difficult, but I was thinking of Lauren while pushing upwards… While I was running the Hollywood hills, she was running the Coyote Hills trail half marathon. I can’t wait to read her recap – and spoiler alert – she rocked the race!

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 1.13.18 PM

ALSO, when I was almost to the top of the sign, I swear I saw famous Australian Chef Curtis Stone walking downhill. The people in front of me did a double take and upon further researching him online, apparently he lives in West Hollywood?!!! He’s a hottie and I’m happy to say I have finally had an LA celebrity sighting!

Yum. So exciting.


I had way too much fun going out with dance and sorority friends this week. Gotta live it up before the semester gets crazy, right? Midterms will be here way too soon.

friends collage

This afternoon, I joined Soraya on a short walk with her super cute dog (remember him?) He even went in a few of the USC fountains!


Wow, quite a recap! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

– Nicole

Question: How do you answer the question- “What is your blog about?”

Question: Any exciting celebrity sightings?

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