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Urth Caffe, Downtown LA

Posted by Nicole

Throughout the last couple years of living in LA, I’ve been told to eat at Urth Caffe a handful of times. In Lauren’s words, “it’s classic LA.” I finally made plans to have brunch with a few dance team friends before Sunday’s women’s basketball game.

Urth Caffe

451 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA


Urth Caffe has a few locations in Los Angeles, and the downtown location is conveniently close to USC.

urth caffe downtown

urth caffe downtown

We walked in to the country-hipster atmosphere and took our orders within a few minutes.


After researching the restaurant on Yelp, I basically knew what I wanted to order. I started with a Small Cappuccino. I was most excited to see the design in the foamy milk.

urth caffe cappuccino

This cappuccino was perfectly sweet and creamy. I would definitely order this time and time again. And I definitely felt the caffeine kick! Let’s just say it put me in a really happy, smily, and giggly mood.

urth caffe cappuccino

urth caffe cappuccino

Next, Aliyah’s Iced Moroccan Mint Boba Tea arrived at the table. This tasted a lot like green tea to me, which is a good thing.

urth caffe iced moroccan mint boba tea Nika’s Iced Chai Boba Tea was next. I tried a sip and it was good! I love chai tea and this was definitely more sweet than spicy.

urth caffe iced chai boba tea

And then it was time for the real food. I ordered the Sprout Sandwich – alfalfa sprouts, jarlsberg swiss cheese, red onion, roma tomatoes, avocado & hummus on sprouted bread. This sandwich was amazing. Everything tasted so fresh and though I initially planned to save half for later, there was nooo chance of that happening. I’m glad I didn’t order an omelette (like I always do at brunch), because this sandwich was delicious.

urth caffe sprout sandwich

I mean… look at all that good stuff in there.

urth caffe sprout sandwich

Nika ordered the Butternut Squash & Ricotta Pizza – tomatoes, mozzarella and herbed ricotta cheese, butternut squash and fresh oregano. She absolutely loved it! We even said our meals were worth “paying $18 for breakfast.” (<– Lauren, can you believe that? You know I’m the cheapest person ever.)

urth caffe Butternut Squash and Ricotta Pizza

With full bellies, we talked while I finished my cappuccino.

urth caffe cappuccino

Then it was time for a little exploration. This location of Urth Caffe is located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, and we walked over to the iconic murals and “wings” across the street.

urth caffe art urth caffe art IMG_0312 IMG_0314

We totally didn’t stand out in our matching sweatsuits… oh wait. Aliyah, Nika, and I have decided to make our off-campus excursions a weekly activity. Last week was hiking in Hollywood, this week was brunch, and we’ll see what next week holds. I’m hoping it includes a hike in the Malibu Hills or La Cañada.

After brunch, we went back to school to curl our hair and then cheer/dance for the women’s basketball game vs. University of Arizona. Our team won 74-57! On my walk back to my apartment I saw this beautiful sunset.

photo (37)

Alright, today has been a good day of dining out, hanging with friends, and dancing, and now it is time for some of this fun stuff…………….


(photo from last night’s dinner/homework session: sweet potato with nooch & a green chocolate banana protein smoothie for fuel)

This weekend flew by way too quickly! Counting down the days till Friday……..

– Nicole

Question: To all the LA locals and tourists, have you ever eaten at Urth Caffe? 

Question: If not, what are some tourist-y activities you have done in LA? I need ideas!