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After documenting all my eats for WIAW, I boycotted food photography yesterday. Not like you haven’t seen my oat bran, cafeteria soup, and nutrigrain bars before, right? What I really need to do is take a photo of the 34 fun size chocolate bars my coworker Joe shoots at my desk (he aims for my coffee cup, regardless of how full it is!) – I’ll occasionally eat one of the Mr. Goodbars since they are right there and all.

4260855 o Deal Me In

Anywho, today I’m going to talk about recent workouts and brag a little about Nicole’s awesome Christmas gift she gave me!

After Saturday’s half marathon (1:42 and change) I kept it easy Sunday afternoon with 45 minutes on the stationary bike and then busted out this nifty deck of fitness cards Nicole gave me for Christmas. Ta Da!

20130130 190512 Deal Me In


This FitDeck includes 50 exercise cards that target either the upper, middle, lower, or full body. Each card has repetition suggestions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users as well as detailed diagrams and instructions on how to properly complete the move. I’ve tried Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp and Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer in the past, but the thing that always annoyed me? Looking up what a donkey press is and how to not look like an ass doing it. Hee hee, get it? With this deck, I have 50 exercises at my fingertips and can easily see how to do them right. Plus, I can shuffle them up for instant variety!

20130130 190536 Deal Me In


On Sunday, I read through each card, shuffled them rigorously, and then drew 10 cards at random (that photo disappeared from my photo library). The 10 included two wild cards – “repeat last card” and “double next card.” Nicole knows that I have very low “strength workout” patience, so the variety and ease of completing just 10 cards helped me get through a quick bodyweight sesh without going crazy. Plus, those 10 minutes left me sore all of Monday! I’m so weak. LOL.

I rested on Monday. Ate a bunch of food on Tuesday. And then went back to the gym on Wednesday for a decent progression run (gradually increased my pace to finish faster than I started):

  • 5 minute walking warm up on incline
  • run to 1 mile: 7.2 (pace 8:20)
  • … to mile 2: 7.3
  • … to mile 3: 7.4 (pace 8:06)
  • … to mile 4: 7.5
  • … to mile 5: 7.6 (pace 7:54)
  • … to mile 5.5: 7.7
  • … to mile 6: 7.8 (pace 7:42)
  • … to mile 6.5: 7.9
  • … to mile 7: 8.0 (pace 7:30) **took picture**
  • 5 minute walking cool down

20130130 190609 Deal Me In


Afterwards I went into the stretching room and dealed out 10 cards. I ended up with 4 middle body cards, 2 upper body, 2 lower body, and 1 full body card. Ten minutes later I felt like I had done something productive outside of the cardio realm. Progress!

20130130 190620 Deal Me In


I can’t wait to use these cards on a weekly basis to keep things random!

20130130 190638 Deal Me In

After Wednesday night’s workout, I showered and quickly ate a simple dinner of baked chicken and oven roasted veggies with rice. Kyle and I had awesome evening plans – Trivia Night at St. Stephen’s Green in Mountain View with Kit and Adrienne!!!

20130131 093154 Deal Me In

I went with a Stella, shared an order of sweet potato fries with Kyle, and then followed up with an Anchor Steam.

20130131 093213 Deal Me In


The trivia questions were much easier than the questions at Sports Page! We did really well during the Super Bowl and song recognition sections, but we bombed round 4. They announced 1st – 3rd place winners and I bet you a dollar we got 4th place…. ha.

Question: Can you answer this trivia question’s missing song lyrics? Name that song!

20130131 093228 Deal Me In

I love Styx and freaked out when they played this song! Finally, I could actually contribute to the music questions (my biggest weakness).



2 Responses to Deal Me In

  1. the Fit Deck looks like a fun tool to have! I gotta get my paws on that. Great way to mix things up and try something new :)

    I haven’t been to a trivia night in a loooooong time. Used to go the Britania Arms with my sister and her friends, but with traffic coming from where we live, eh. not fun. but the trivia itself is a lot of fun :)
    Sonia the Mexigarian recently posted..The Good Kitty. . .My Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      I totally know what you mean. Bay Area traffic is rough!! Luckily Sports Page and St. Stephen’s Green are pretty close to me. No freeway = no stress!

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