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Happy WIAW! We’re back in the link-up action (via Jenn’s blog) after taking a break last week. I only snapped photos of my main meals, leaving all snacks and sweets undocumented….

wiawloveyourveggiesmonthbutton2 WIAW 2/20: Pluto facts

I ate both breakfast and dinner at my desk at work (kinda boring), but luckily I went out to lunch in Palo Alto! I met my former boss at Pluto’s, a fast-casual salad/sandwich/carvings kinda place. They’ve got 8 locations in Northern California, with one more on the way in San Luis Obispo! I’ve only been to their Santana Row location once or twice, so I was really excited to try out Palo Alto’s and compare.

Speaking of Pluto’s, who is ready for some facts about our favorite non-planet planet?

  • Pluto was discovered on Feb. 18th, 1930, the same year Scotch tape was invented (the guy who invented tape was an avid banjo player, such a hipster).
  • Clyde Tombaugh was only 24 when he discovered Pluto, a fact that kind of makes me feel like a slacker!
  • Clyde also was a huge UFO nerd… We’re talking eerie rectangles of light and mysterious green fireballs spotted in New Mexico and a deep belief in extra terrestrials!

Breakfast – oat bran with chocolate protein powder and slices of pear (a nice change from banana)
20130219 234555 WIAW 2/20: Pluto facts

  • Percival Lowell, a businessman and astronomer, first proposed that there was an unknown 9th planet and he searched for more than a decade before Clyde came along
  • When an 11-year-old suggested the name Pluto, Percy was totally on board because his initials are the first two letters in PLuto
  • It takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun…. that’s way too long to wait for birthday cake

Lunch – spinach salad with grilled chicken and 7 toppings
20130219 234621 WIAW 2/20: Pluto facts

My picks: sweet potatoes, pepperoncini, red onion, lima beans, broccoli, mushrooms, sweet corn + a nice slice of foccacia bread on the side

20130219 234630 WIAW 2/20: Pluto facts

  • Pluto is 40x as far from the sun as the Earth (that math = Pluto is 3.6 billion miles from the sun)
  • This tiny rock is only 1,400 miles wide (aka half the width of USA)
  • A person that weighs 200 lbs on Earth would way 14 pounds on Pluto because it has 1/15th the gravity of Earth

Snacks – nectarine, strawberry flavored Nutrigrain bar, some candy from the bowl at work…. :)

Dinner – Taco Tuesday leftovers – salad, black beans, rice, chopped steak, salsa, and guacamole
20130219 234640 WIAW 2/20: Pluto facts

  • Kids from the 80s and 90s had their world rocked when, suddenly, Pluto wasn’t a “planet” it was a “dwarf planet”
  • This change officially happened in 2006 (the same year Google bought Youtube for $1,650,000,000)
  • Also in 2006? NASA sent a piano-sized spacecraft called New Horizons to Pluto. It will get there by 2015, after 9 years floating through space!

Dessert – Trader Joe’s cat cookies, one of my all-time favorite TJ items… they are now all gone!

  • Pluto’s (the restaurant) makes amazing salads. I already want to go back.
  • Pluto is cold.
  • And, this:

tumblr mabgedWFJI1relbs2o1 500 WIAW 2/20: Pluto facts

Question: What’s your favorite planet? I always liked Saturn after doing a report on it in middle school. However, it wasn’t the rings that drew me in, it was Saturn’s moons (especially Titan) that I found so interesting.



6 Responses to WIAW 2/20: Pluto facts

  1. Wow, where did you make that salad?? I love the looks of that salad bar! And I’ve heard so much about TJ’s cat cookies..too bad we don’t have one nearby!
    Olivia @ Liv Lives Life recently posted..WIAW + Incredible Edibles CompetitionMy Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      Made the salad at Pluto’s on University Ave in Palo Alto. I already want to go back! Next time you are near a TJ’s be sure to pick up a bucket of cat cookies. The chocolate are my favorite.

  2. Deirdre says:

    I am with you on the rings- it looks so pretty! Also- all those salad fixins are wonderful- how lucky!

    Hello from WIAW – Cheers :)

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      Hi Deirdre! They were wonderful topping choices… p.s. I totally admire you for going sugar free. I don’t think I could ever pull that off!!

  3. My favorite is Mars. I want to know all the things about it! haha!
    Jennifer@knackfornutrition recently posted..What the eff are you eating? “Powdered Peanut Butter”My Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      Yes! Like if there was ever life on Mars and what was it like? A guy came to my work and gave a really interesting talk about NASA’s various Mars missions and it seems like they are close to figuring it out!

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