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On our way up to Tahoe we stopped for a quick bite to eat in Auburn. Out of the top fast food restaurants, I usually don’t like McDonalds all that much. However, I do LOVE chicken mcnuggets and I don’t care what’s in them or why they’re probably bad for me. I just really like dipping those crunchy chicken things in sweet and sour sauce. Reminds me of my childhood. I ordered the happy meal, which came with 4 nuggets, a small fries, and a small soda. Perfect way to start my Friday night!



Kyle, Darrin, and I were actually the first three people up to the cabin, surprisingly. Soon enough, the rest of the cabinmates arrived and we started playing drinking games. We got in trouble for our lasers annoying the neighbors, so we made sure to angle them away from the giant, front-facing windows. Problem solved!


It was a fun night :)


Saturday morning we woke up a little later than usual and, for some reason, I was moving in SLOW motion. Eventually I ate breakfast and got my ski gear on… and then we left for Squaw Valley!


It was another gorgeous day out. Slightly cloudy in the morning with a few moments of light snow. We’re all on the verge of doing a rain dance here, we NEED more snow. It’s getting a little boring on this over-skied terrain.


Kyle and I broke for lunch a little before 12 and went to the Starbucks in the village at base camp. They were out of my beloved spinach, egg white, feta wrap. I may or may not have called Nicole to grumble. I ordered a tall coffee and their turkey/onion/kale sandwich. When it came out of the toaster, things were seriously all over the place. After a little rearranging, I’ll admit I liked this sandwich a lot (esp. the mustard).


On the way back to the mountain, I looked at some sale clothes outside one of the shops and fell in love with these cheetah pants. Too bad the sale price was like $400. Crazy.


Our after lunch goal was to find our cabinmates and ski with them!


After two runs, we caught up with Ricky, Linda, Chet Steele, and Bradley. They waited for us at the top of Granite Chief… thanks guys! Here’s a photo of Ricky Bobby – remember when he told me to “stop blogging”? Ha.


They led us to a trickier side of the run, and there was one steep lil chute that really made me nervous. That’s what I love about skiing though – the times when you’re like: this could go really wrong, but let’s get down it anyways. After a few more runs with them, we went to the Auld Dubliner bar in the village. Ricky and Bradley ordered some grub and these cheesy, bacony, tater tots:


Hot Damn.

While sipping on our beers (Sierra Nevada for me), we played around with one of the funniest iPhone apps I’ve ever seen: MergingBooth. I originally downloaded this app the morning after Kimbo’s fabulous holiday party, and it just keeps getting funnier and funnier!


You take a photo of one person, take a photo of a second person, align their nose/cheek bones, and then merge them together. It’s kinda like: what would our offspring look like as adults? VERY CREEPY. But, VERY FUNNY.



  1. Top left: Ricky (crossing his eyes) and Linda
  2. Top right: Chet and Bradley
  3. Bottom left: Kyle and myself
  4. Bottom right: myself and Chet

I hardly touched my phone the rest of the night and did not take any photos, but if you’re curious: we went back to the cabin, made food (pizza + curly fries + spinach dip), watched the terrible Sharks game (Thornton’s fight almost made up for their loss), played some games, and then I settled into a night of researching things on the internet. I did, however, chat on the phone with my high school BFF Katie…. she had some big news!


Congrats!!!!!!!!! I’m so so so so so happy for Katie and Doug! (Previous Doug/Katie blog posts: Seattle RnR, Clyde Common, a bar crawl, WAFFLES, Pok Pok wings….)

Question: Favorite guilty pleasure fast food? Go download the MergingBooth app and have some fun with it!


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  1. Kristine

    I LOVE the Dubliner at Squaw! The fish tacos are TO DIE FOR. My fave guilty pleasure is In N Out – I swear the only time I ever get it is in Auburn on the way to Tahoe! Praying for some snow too – my dad and brother are going crazy without any powder!
    Kristine recently posted..A Perfect Run + 2013 Racing ScheduleMy Profile


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