WIAW 2/27: Meet Exhausted and Happy

Posted by Lauren and Nicole

N: Hey, happy WIAW! We’re here with a sister post today. It’s always fun when we can combine our thoughts into one post… even though we are a few hundred miles away! Check out Jenn’s blog for more WIAW goodness.

L: Have you seen this kind of magnet? We had one of these at my job in Monterey. If I was back in that office right now, I’d move the magnet to highlight Exhausted. Oooph. This girl needs more sleep.

N: …And I would move the magnet to highlight Happy in the third row, even though Mischievous looks pretty funny…


Lauren’s Breakfast

L: Tuesday’s breakfast was boring oat bran so I’ll talk about Monday instead. I had homemade coffee cake, strawberries, and Bellwether Farms’ sheep milk strawberry yogurt. Our Marketing team lead is an amazing caterer on the side and I attended the first half of her marketing “offsite.” I get so excited for her meetings because she usually brings fresh, tasty food… and awesome baked goods.


L: I mean look at the streusel!


Lauren’s Lunch

L: After an odd Tuesday morning (early wake up call, helping my mom out with a doctors appt, her nausea, my fainting, cops swarming my neighbors house, etc), Kyle brought my mom and I takeout sushi. (Thank you!!) It was so thoughtful and sweet of him to pick up some food since our morning didn’t go as originally planned and I was behind schedule. LOVE him.


Lauren’s Dinner

L: For dinner, my mom and I had another fantastic man come to the rescue – David! He dropped by my house with Italian take out. Do these guys know that I have zero food at home? (JK… I have Dr. Pepper 10, popcorn, and dried rosemary?) Thank you, David!!


L: He stopped at Florentine’s – the Italian restaurant our family went to ALL THE TIME when we were growing up. He picked up a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, pesto angel hair pasta, and raviolis. I put a little of each on my plate, along with a side salad and fresh tuna leftover from lunch. OH MY. I ate some gooooood food today!


L: The absolute best part about Florentine’s? Their “bread and spread.” The lunch line at my high school used to stock Florentine’s for some random reason, and almost every day I’d get a bag of their fantastic bread and a cup of spread, walk to homeroom, and dig in. I don’t know what’s more dangerous, the fluffy wedges of bread or the zesty cheese dip. I had 3 slices of bread tonight and then started dipping croutons in the spread just so I could savor all of it.


Nicole’s Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

N: Unlike Lauren, my meals were pretty boring and grab-and-go today.


N: Blurry egg whites and oatmeal, an apple and green tea in between classes, salad and veggie pizza for lunch, egg/egg whites with mushrooms while studying in the afternoon, banana and pb2, and a late pickup lunch from the sorority house at 10 PM. The bbq lentils were yummy!

N: My dinner was so late because I did have one exciting thing yesterday – my first NBA experience! My friend invited me to the Clippers vs. Bobcats game and it was a fun time :)


N: I was more excited to see Lamar Odom (from Khloe and Lamar duhhh) than to actually watch the basketball game. I do enough of that at USC basketball games ;)

clippers bobcats

Question: “How Are You Feeling Today,” magnet-wise? Are you a big NBA fan?

-Lauren and Nicole

Comments (4)

  1. Sonia the Mexigarian

    I want that magnet. And I totally want that streusel. That looks amazing. I will beg for a recipe on that one.

    Not a fan of basketball. I’m a huge fan of baseball. love hockey, and will watch Football and soccer. now if there were a professionals men’s water polo league being played every week, oh boy, I’d be planted on my couch watching that :)
    Sonia the Mexigarian recently posted..Rollin’, Ballin’ n Shakin’My Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      Yes! I should ask her for the recipe and post it online :) haha. Those magnets are hilarious; I saw one that was made up of cracked eggs under the same concept and thought it was pretty funny.

      Nicole used to swoon over water polo, but I think her taste in “sports” has changed to basketball, if you catch my drift. ;)

  2. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    Oh MAN, my magnet would for sure be on “Exhausted” too… thanks insomnia! How awesome that your team lead brings in treats for your meetings! The coffee cake looks unreal! And what is this about fainting and cops swarming the house??? Are you and your mom ok?? The bread and spread looks DELICIOUS! And Nicole I would have felt the same way– I just want to see Khloe!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..What to Wear Wednesday: ’80s StyleMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      Everyone is okay … but last week was very topsy-turvy! And odd! The cops had to deal with my neighbors (my neighborhood needs a lot of cleanup and they are problem spot #1).


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