WIAW 3/6: Two Desserts!


Posted by Lauren

What, it’s Wednesday? I guess it’s time to do a quick look back on recent eats for the WIAW link-up. Head over to Jenn’s blog to check out the 200 other participating blogs!


I’m in bed right now, enjoying a slice of homemade cheesecake and a mug of vanilla tea, while assembling the post. I’ve also got Once Upon A Time on in the background. That show really slowed down this season, didn’t it?

Let’s start with Lunch on Monday – I finally met up with Kristine, the fabulous blogger behind Vine to Wind. I loooove her blog! Our offices are surprisingly close to each other, so a lunchtime meetup was perfect. Kristine treated me to lunch in one of Google’s amazing cafeterias. (Thanks!!) I made an overflowing turkey jalapeno sandwich, a spinach salad with pepperoncini, eggs, and pumpkin seeds, and grabbed some sweet potato fries.


I am so happy we finally met! Now I’m dying to go on one of the gorgeous SF runs she does every weekend! Before heading back to work, I grabbed a delicious samoas-inspired cookie. Oh man. Too good.

Dinner on Monday was a real treat. Sarah and I were lucky enough to go to another dinner at Cindy’s house for Bachelor night!


To start: kale salad with honey-crisp apples, almonds, and parmesan


The star of the show: roasted turkey (Cindy followed a recipe from Molly Stevens’ All About Roasting cookbook)


Main plate: The roasted turkey; a medley of roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and grapes; and rice pilaf! Cindy makes her rice pilaf from scratch. Move over Rice-a-Roni, you’ve got nothing on Cin.


I love our girl chats. And wine. It’s always soooo nice to catch up with these two. Before we sat down to watch The Bachelor’s Women Tell All, Cindy whipped up dessert #1.


She combined frozen berries and contrineau in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. After about 5 minutes on medium-high heat, she poured the berry/sauce over vanilla bean ice cream and added chopped dark chocolate. <- Go ahead and reread that sentence. DROOL!


Every bite was heavenly!

Sarah, Cindy, and I parked our butts on the couch, super excited about The Bachelor.



– I want AshLee’s new hairstyle. But I can’t do extensions. I’ll challenge my hair stylist, Joanie, to replicate.
– Can Chris Harrison start dating Sarah?? She’s so pretty and nice and calm, I think they’d be a good pair.
– I don’t want Desiree to the next Bachelorette. I like her, but I just don’t think she’s right for the role.
– AshLee’s accusation that Sean said he has zero feelings for the two remaining women? What the what? That was awkward.
– Little Miss Nevada, aka the Tierraist, had the worst dress. If she can’t apologize for her time in the house, can she at least apologize for that?!!!


I did say dessert #1 above… because Cindy had TWO desserts for us. I bet Nicole is rolling her eyes because she gave up dessert for Lent and now only craves “salty” food. Anyways, Cin brought out homemade cheesecake for us!


We were a little lot excited.


Thanks for a wonderful night (AGAIN!), Cindy! We’ll be back next week with a bigger crew for the finale!

And since it’s WIAW Goes Green this month, here’s Tuesday’s Lunch to prove that I’m getting some greens in (and not just amazing sweets). It was Taco Tuesday in case you forgot how that happens every. single. Tuesday.


The ironic part is that I had to go to the dentist this morning to fill a cavity. UGH.

Question: Do you watch the Bachelor? Who is your favorite? NO SPOILERS! Ice cream or cheesecake? What’s your favorite “green” produce?



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  1. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    Loving all these blogger lunches you’ve been doing lately! If I worked in the south bay I would definitely join! We’ll just have to do one in SF instead ;) And love your bachelor nights… everything Cindy makes sounds fantastic but that ice cream dessert sounds so easy and delicious! Yum! I also really like Ashlee’s hair- it would look great on you! I’m so over Tierra, she’s one of those girls I can’t stand that is so mean and backstabbing but tries to come across as super nice and innocent in situations… ugh! I think Desiree will be the next bachelorette too but I’m not sure how I feel about it. She’s really nice but not sure she has what it takes to carry the show! If he doesn’t choose Catherine (which I think he will) I could also see her being a good choice!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..Scenes from the WeekendMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      I would love for Catherine to be the Bachelorette! She’s so spunky! About our SF meetup: Yes! I really want this to happen. I’ll email you and we can coordinate :)

      1. Kristine

        YES YES YES!
        Kristine recently posted..Portions And Things.My Profile

  2. Sonia the Mexigarian

    Omg, cheesecake. I love it. I could eat an entire pan of it. <3 But does it trump ice cream….oh boy. tough call.

    I have never watched the Bachelor before. It just never interested me at all.
    Sonia the Mexigarian recently posted..WIAW- Going Where We Have Never Gone Before!My Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      I think I ate half the pan between Monday and Tuesday’s leftovers! I love the graham cracker/brown sugar crust. MMM.

  3. Kristine

    Oh my GOD that berry/ice cream/everything you ate on Monday night looks AMAZING. I’m so jealous (and I’m full right now!) Had so much fun finally meeting up for lunch! We need to make this a regular occurrence! They had sweet potato fries AGAIN today – which I narrowly avoided. I’d say ice cream (gelato) hands down, buuuuut a homemade cheesecake is hard to beat!

    Would love to run with you in SF anyyyyytime! Then do GF brunch with Emily! :)
    Kristine recently posted..Portions And Things.My Profile

  4. Kaitlin

    How about ice cream AND cheesecake? I can do ice cream on a daily basis but cheesecake is a bit rich.
    Kaitlin recently posted..WIAW #30 – Pilates and ProteinMy Profile

  5. Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate

    I have always wanted to eat at an infamous Google cafeteria! I have a friend who works at Oracle in Redwood City and and have eaten at their cafe which has been compared to Google but I want to find out for myself. :-) Your Bachelor dinners look so fun, and the chicken looks perfect!
    Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate recently posted..The Sugar DebateMy Profile

  6. Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating

    Definitely ice cream! And I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I’ll watch trashy TV sometimes (the Real Housewives crack me up)!
    Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating recently posted..Edamame Crunch Chocolate Bars!My Profile


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