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(Lauren and I were both in Las Vegas this weekend and we are each going to share our perspectives.)

Holy cow. A lot has happened since I drove home on Thursday afternoon. I took a midterm and a quiz, then I hit the road. At home, I started some laundry and went for a sunset run with my mom and her fiance.

IMG 7896 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

I hung out with friends Thursday night and spontaneously decided to make a hefty purchase.

IMG 7909 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

I would not suggest buying a plane ticket to Vegas 9 hours before the plane is set to take off… but sometimes spontaneity takes over. (Or vodka?)

Anyways, my friends Jessi and Jamie were conveniently on the same flight to Las Vegas. We started our morning with some drinks and went for round two on the plane.

IMG 7910 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 7923 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 0738 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

80 short long minutes later, we reached Sin City!

IMG 0740 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

We grabbed a cab to Treasure Island, and I took a short nap while Jessi gambled with some of her college friends. Then we walked to MGM Grand and met up with some friends for a while. At 9, Jessi and I quickly changed into our dresses and cabbed over to the Cosmopolitan. We had exciting plans to go to the Marquee to see Benny Benassi.

IMG 7926 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

It’s crazy how many people were in Vegas this weekend! I ran into my friends Lindsey and Marisa in the Cosmo lobby.

IMG 7927 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

The two dance team captains were also in Vegas… and so was my friend Cambria. So much fun!!! The 6 of us went into the Marquee and danced for hours on end.

IMG 7942 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

Benny Benassi was amazing. I’ll never forget that night! (Thanks for letting me borrow the dress, sis!)

IMG 7917 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 7920 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 7922 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 7933 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

At about 2, Jessi and I met up with some of our guy friends that were gambling at the Bellagio. We eventually made it to bed at 4, while the guys went out and continued gambling till 8. I don’t know how they did it!

In the morning, I met up with Lauren and convinced her to hang out with me all day and night ;) A bowl of oatmeal and a few shots of Jameson later, we walked from the Elara to Treasure Island.

IMG 7944 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

We changed into our swimsuits and got about an hour of sun (and I luckily got a 20 minute nap). I forgot sunscreen, so our pool trip was short-lived. It was okay though, because we wanted lunch! We said adios to the pool and hello to some delicious pho. Lauren took pictures… I did not. No food pictures this weekend.

IMG 7951 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

That night, we lounged around watching basketball and then rallied for another wild night.

IMG 0744 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

Beer, shots, and snacks fueled us for the night at Tryst. The spontaneous party-bus to the club was the perfect kick-off.

IMG 0741 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 0752 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 7957 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 0743 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 0765 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

IMG 7953 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

There was a DJ and then Jermaine Dupri took over. It was packed! It was nice to dance to rap music because the night before was EDM/house.


IMG 7952 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

We left at about 2, made some pizza, and crashed. I woke up snuggling with my sis at 10, and quickly packed up my stuff because I had a flight to catch.

I met up with my friend Jamie and his buddies for lunch. Then we went to the airport, slept the entire flight, and I made a healthy dinner back at the house.

photo 49 450x337 Vegas: Nicoles Perspective

Sweet potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, spinach and beet salad, and spanish rice. And lots and lots of water. Sooo good. I’m hoping for a good nights sleep tonight so I am rested for a run/hike tomorrow. Time to lounge around and watch Hulu.

Thanks to all my friends and my sista for making this a great weekend!

- Nicole


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  1. wow. i am tired just reading about the events. i’m a get in bed by 9pm kind of gal and left my clubbing days behind me. my sisters Vegas bachlorette is in June and I dunno how I am going to survive the trip.

    looks like a fun time though :)
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