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The Ragnar fun kicked off this morning at 8:30 AM. The bloggers are all in van 1, so we met at 6 AM for breakfast at the hotel…. Picture is blurry because I wasn’t fully awake yet.

20130419 164636 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

We packed up our van, drove to the start, checked in, and listened to the safety briefing. 20130419 164801 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

Guy in the tutu is all about Safety First.

We did some handstands for Rachel’s #HandstandFriday link-up. So fun!! 20130419 165512 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

The team!

ragnar relay socal 2013 team 450x337 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

Photo cred: Dre (click for her post)

The start!

20130419 165855 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

Soon enough, it was Steph, Fit Mom In Training‘s time to kickoff our 195 mile journey! 20130419 165816 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

Steph passed it to Rachel, Running Rachel!

20130419 170838 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

And Rachel passed it to Janice, Fitness Cheerleader… Who passed it to me! 20130419 171220 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

I passed the bracelet to runner 5, Julie, Angry Julie and my teammates had a glorious water bottle waiting for me. Much. Needed.

Julie wins the award for nastiest first-leg hill. 550-foot elevation gain over 2.5 miles. Ouch. Julie passed it to Dre, The MF Dre, and before I knew it, we had all finished our first legs!

20130419 172458 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

Let me tell you about my first leg of the relay:

20130419 175406 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

I started my run near Angels stadium and thought of all my so cal friends that go to Angels games and post cute photos on Instie. Their stadium is clearly not as ridiculously good looking as the Giants stadium…. But it was a nice landmark!

20130419 180841 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

I ran 3.5 miles on the Santa Ana River Trail and the single thought going on in my head was: it is H-O-T!!!!! We all know that I’m an incline wimp, so naturally the gradual 120-foot elevation gain was not my favorite thing in the world either! At mile 3.5, I veered off the path and felt a little more energetic.
Maybe the 3 red stoplights helped me catch my breath? Likely. I turned the corner, saw the exchange point + Julie, and passed the bracelet off to her. Most people say the 3rd leg is the hardest, but I have a feeling the first one will be the most “uncomfortable.”

20130419 181428 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

Exhausted…. Garmin stats:

20130419 181451 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

Average pace: 7:53! (Goal is 7:45. I’ll take it.)

We did a little shopping and snacking at the van exchange point before changing to a fresh set of clothes. Then we hit the road and stopped at Chili’s for a team lunch :)

20130419 185049 #RagnarSoCal Legs 1   6

* It’s 7 pm and we are about to start our second set of legs! *

Ask me a question about Ragnar! Have you ever run a relay? (any distance)



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  1. I just realized that you were blogging FROM THE VAN! How great is that! :) Great recap!
    rachel @runningrachel recently posted..Handstand Friday from @RagnarRelay So. CalMy Profile

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