Capitola Half Marathon 2013

capitola half marathon

Posted by Lauren and Nicole

N: It would be a shame to not mention the awesome time that we had at the Capitola Half Marathon (website) three weeks ago. Lauren and I had sneaky plans to make this race extra special for our mom and David… Fittingly so because it was on their WEDDING DAY! We created a shirt design for their “love run” using and ordered one for each family member running. Some of our aunts provided the other half of our running outfit: mini veils. It was fun to dress up as brides, even though the real bride stole the show with her custom made veil!

L: I just have to give a shout out to Custom Ink. Designing the shirt online was amazingly simple and they had a ton of high-quality “clip art” to use and a variety of custom fonts. Dare I say – there were almost too many options! Once I settled on the look and feel of it (click here to see the proofs) I  called the number proudly displayed on their website to finish my order. While you can order online, I was confused how to get the design on both men’s and women’s shirts. I instantly had a real person (Christian) on the phone who was beyond helpful! He made sure that I had everything I needed and explained how the image on the back of the shirt had to be cartoonized because of color limits. The company even reached out to me after I purchased to say: “While reviewing your order, I noticed that your custom apparel are for a wedding. I’m so glad you chose CustomInk to help make the big day a success. I’m sure your apparel will be a hit with everyone at the wedding, and they’ll bring back happy memories for years to come. Please feel free to contact us if we can help with anything else.” Isn’t that nice?! Highly recommend!

capitola half marathon

L: We made it to the start line right in front of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with a few minutes for photos. All of us ran the half marathon except for our cousin Teal, aunt Patty, and aunt Julie, who ran the full marathon!

Ready….. Set….. Go!

capitola half marathon

capitola half marathon

N: I was really excited for this race and planned to run it without headphones and with the company of family. A couple miles into the race, Lauren moved ahead and I became the designated photographer and snapped pictures of our mom and David with the mile markers…. And the ocean of course!

half start ocean

L: I also ran this race without headphones and without a Garmin. My knee was still acting funky so it was nice to slow down and run with family members. Since our group was so big, there was always someone just around the corner to cheer for! I had a huge grin on my face the entire time!

N: The ocean views were beautiful! It was fun to see surfers catching some early waves.

capitola half marathon

L: Another surprise awaited Shirley and David on the course… custom mile markers! I had 13 posters printed of them running various races. All I had to do was sneak onto David’s computer when he was out of town. I ordered them from and couldn’t be happier with their competitive pricing (read: such a good deal, especially compared to FedEx/Kinkos). The only question: how can we get the posters at every mile before the race? Thank goodness Krizia and Kyle were game to wake up at 5:30 AM to drive the course and tape the custom posters up! I’m so grateful for their help!!!!

half 2 thru 5

Shirley & David posing with their posters at Mile 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11

half 6 thru 11

N: I enjoyed running with the love birds… this was my first race running with the pair of them. It was also a nice excuse to slow down and enjoy the race without the stress of keeping pace or hitting a certain finish time. It also kept me from uncontrollably sweating my spray tan off.

L: I LOVED seeing everyone on the course. BTW, our aunt Julie got 6th overall women’s and our aunt Patty got 10th overall women’s for the FULL marathon. For the HALF marathon, our aunt Marilyn got 6th in her division! (Secretly glad I wasn’t “racing” because my aunt’s would have schooled me!) As you can tell, running is definitely a family sport ;)

family running Capitola Half Marathon

N: Lauren was conveniently at the sandy finish line before us so she could snap some pictures of the official finish. The love birds finished hand-in-hand, and then it was time to hurry back to the resort and prepare for the wedding.

capitola half marathon

capitola half marathon

N: The finish line was unlike any race I had ever been to — in the sand! It truly was a beach run!

capitola half marathon finish

L: I’d love to run this race again in the future, it was a stunning course. We ran past the Santa Cruz Harbor, Moran Lake, and Pleasure Point (famous surf spot). The turn around point was a loop through the iconic Capitola Village. You just can’t beat those sites and a finish line on Cowell’s Beach right next to the Santa Cruz Wharf!

Thank you to all family and friends that were a part of this memorable race!

-Lauren and Nicole

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