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20130612 170909 Salad Takeover

Isn’t that a beaut?

On our way back from Fresno this weekend, Kyle and I stopped at a fruit stand and picked up strawberries and cherries, respectively. Last night Kyle begged me to take a few more of his strawberries because that’s basically all he’s been eating since Sunday haha… I topped plain oatmeal with strawberries and mixed in a banana for a decent breakfast.

My fridge was bare (tortillas, eggs, and turkey – that’s it) so after work I paid the Joe Trader a visit:

20130612 171519 Salad Takeover

Green things. Nice change.

Then I went to the gym for 5 easy miles in 45 minutes. Seems like all runs are “easy” these days….

20130612 171749 Salad Takeover

Let’s play two truths and a lie:

1. Nicole went to Crossfit today!
2. Katie and Doug are going to Monterey Beer Festival this weekend!!!
3. I don’t like salads anymore.

Ok, so #3 is the lie. While I haven’t personally been making salads for lunch or dinner lately, I’m not against them. To prove it, I made like 27 servings of salad for the next few days

20130612 200127 Salad Takeover


Top to bottom: great northern beans, carrots, squash, mushrooms, green pepper

  1. Chop everything up, except the beans and put into large container
  2. Pour balsamic vinaigrette over the top, cover, shake until well mixed
  3. Scoop a cup of the vegetable/bean mixture up and add to TJ’s pre-made Pasadena salad

Ta Da!

20130612 200155 Salad Takeover


On the side I had carrots + TJ’s spicy hummus.

I literally have 3.5 quarts of mixed veggies/beans to add to 2 pounds of baby spinach. I think the Salad Takeover has officially commenced.



3 Responses to Salad Takeover

  1. Nothing wrong with a salad takeover! I can’t wait to hear more about Nicole’s adventures at Cross Fit!
    Megan @ runningonjava recently posted..hump dayMy Profile

  2. Nicole- how was CrossFit?! You LOVED it.. right?!?!
    Marissa @Barefoot Colorado recently posted..Protein Sources for Picky EatersMy Profile

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