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I did something crazy this weekend. Two half marathons in two days.

Salinas Valley Half Marathon on Saturday in Soledad.
Giant Race Half Marathon on Sunday in San Francisco.

20130803 182739 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

On Friday I packed a bag with two running outfits, two knee bandages, and one pair of compression socks. I drove down to my mom’s house in south San Jose and crashed their new dinner routine. It was Sam’s designated night to cook and he broiled fish and prepared tasty couscous. Thanks, step-bro Sam!

20130803 204540 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

My mom threw a salad together, primarily with veggies and dinosaur leaves from her bountiful garden. Farm girl at heart.

20130803 204819 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Anywhosies. I crashed in Nicole’s bed and set my alarm for 5 am. On my way out of town, I stopped to get a spinach/feta/egg white wrap from $tarbucks and a tall coffee to wake me UP! By 7 am I was parking near Soledad Mission ~90 miles south of my Mom’s house in between Salinas and King City.

You may remember that I love this race and “participated” in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

20130803 204907 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Why is this half marathon a staple on my race calendar?

  1. The race is extremely well organized! Just look at those 57 porta-potties in the photo above! Since year 1, they had the mechanics down pat and the growing number of participants hasn’t affected them.
  2. The course is beautiful. You run along a farm road, past crops and vineyards, and finish at a gorgeous winery.Screen Shot 2013 08 06 at 11.55.37 PM Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013
  3. Wine tasting. ‘Nuf said.

20130803 204926 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Knowing that I had 13 miles to cover both Saturday and Sunday, I forced myself to RUN and NOT RACE.

If you’re semi-competitive, you can probably relate to the feeling of “oh, I’ll just take an easy day” and then next thing you know you’re busting out at 120%. That was NOT the case here. I positioned myself near the 1:50 pacer (I race at ~1:42 these days) and chatted with my ex-coworker Miranda about race nerves. She helped me calm down quite a bit before the [very real/startling] gun shot.

20130803 205024 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

But why did I have race nerves? Truth be told, my “training” levels are at an all time LOW these days.  It’s a combination of laziness and being busy with work that’s kept me off the treadmill. Actually, since Ragnar SoCal Relay and The Relay in SF, my knees feel different while running. Bad-different. So… 3 months of sporadic running with low effort can’t transform me into a running superstar, obviously. But would I at least be able to finish and feel strong?

20130803 205045 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Miles 1 & 2 I definitely ran faster than I should have. I had to slow it down. There was a 70 foot hill at Mile 3 that I powered through (yes, I realize 70 ft is whimpy sounding). Miles 4 & 5 were less eventful and I felt like I had a good amount of energy. And then, there was Mile 6. Ugh. The big hill of the race. My pace slipped from 8:3X to 10:3X at the beginning of the hill and then hovered around 9:0X as the climb continued until Mile 8.5. That really wore me out. At that point my knees felt uncomfortable so I stopped to adjust my knee braces. I stopped again at Mile 9.5 for water (I think). There was another small hill right before Mile 11 and at that point I was chanting “almost there, almost there” to stay motivated. I paused at the final fuel station at Mile 12, where I grabbed three strawberries and focused on getting to the finish line. And for three glorious seconds I maintained a 5:52 pace while I sprinted to the finish!

20130803 205114 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Live music on the course. Not as many acts as a Rock n’ Roll event, but definitely brightened my spirits to see local performers.

The goods: bananas, pre-sliced apples, bagels, orange slices, and raisins. Usually they have strawberries and Jamba Juice and Taylor Farms gives out veggie trays. This is the only thing that I’ve noticed scaled back.

20130803 205201 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

I quickly found a spot in line for the massages and played with Instragram while I waited….

20130803 205252 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

The massage felt SOOOOO good. She did stuff to my butt that I didn’t know was possible. When I run my hips get crazy sore and she pressed all the right spots to loosen them up a bit.


Garmin time:

20130803 205347 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Official time: 1:52:24 – pace: 8:34

salinas valley results top 450x57 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

salinas valley results bottom 450x60 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Mile Splits: Screen Shot 2013 08 06 at 11.55.17 PM Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013 After the complimentary massage, the sun came out…

20130803 205451 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

…I grabbed my goody bag + wine glass…

20130803 205515 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

… and met up with Matt (1:23:47!!! 3rd in age group!!) and Miranda. We stretched, sipped on wine, and chatted about their move to Colorado (they left Sunday!)

20130803 205624 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

As always, Passagno Winery is a fabulous host and I encourage you to check out their winery if you’re ever in Monterey County!

20130803 205703 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Me, Miranda, and speedster Matt – can’t wait to visit them in Denver :)

Oh! One other thing that totally surprised me. This race had food, water, and coffee for participants BEFORE the race. Such a good idea!

20130803 205739 Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

Question: How strict are you with training for races, bike rides, swims, dance comps, etc? What works for you to stay motivated?



2 Responses to Salinas Valley Half Marathon, 2013

  1. Kelli H says:

    I’m totally not a racer and have only done 2 5k’s, pretty wimpy, I know. This race sounds like it was great though! I’m hoping to amp up to a WHOLE 10k next year. haha.
    Kelli H recently posted..Shakoolie & Brew Review: New Belgium Brewing ShiftMy Profile

  2. Sherri Dozeman says:

    What area of Denver are your friends moving to? If you visit you can always stay with us ):

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