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Friday after work I went for a run around the neighborhood. My 5 mile loop took me past my old office (aww, the war room) and the popular Stevens Creek trail. Right around mile 3 my mom called and I made plans with her to run Sunday morning. Then, at mile 4, Kyle called and said that he picked up my race packet for Saturday’s 1/2 when…

he officially registered!!!!!

I was quite surprised!! A group of friends discussed entering the Oktoberun race in Redwood City a while back, but 2 people joined a different “team” and 2 people didn’t register due to knee/training issues. I wasn’t sure what Kyle would do, but it seemed like he was leaning towards signing up.

I was so excited to hear that he was finally interested in running 13.1 miles (because usually he thinks I’m crazy for paying $$$ to run that far).

I didn’t prepare for the race at all. See Exhibit 1Exhibit 3.


Exhibit 1: Aqui’s famous Sunrise Swirl cocktail (sangria + a paradise Patrón margarita in one dangerously tall glass) and a delicious BBQ chicken quesadilla with pumpkin seeds, jack/cheddar cheese, a side of mashed pinto beans, pepitas salsa and cotija cheese.


Exhibit 2: two gorgeous AOII sisters that I haven’t seen in forevvvvver, and really I just wanted to stay and talk with them all night.


Exhibit 3: After Aqui’s closed, we walked over to a busy bar for a little more fun. Thank you generous couple for buying the three of us a drink!

I got in bed at about ~12:30 and set my alarm for 5:15 am because I thought the race began at 6:30. I was so relieved/happy when Kyle said it started at 8 am and I had another 1.5 hours of sleep. Yessssss….

Saturday morning we parked in downtown Redwood City (just 3 freeway stops away, holla!) and made our way to the uncrowded start line. I forgot my Garmin at home, so this post lacks the normal Garmin stats, elevation charts, and mile splits. What a shame.


Not sure who/what this tiger (??) mascot is, but I’m diggin’ his shoes.


Ok, so shortest race recap in SCS blog history:

Miles 1 – 3 run from Courthouse downtown to the Bay Trail. Miles 3 – 6.5 run north on Bay Trail. Turn around. Miles 6.5 – 13 repeat that, but backwards. According to the website, this course is “flat, scenic, and largely off-road, perfect for a personal record.” Apparently we ran “north next to Bair Island in the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge… [and continued] into Redwood Shores where [we ran] on a gravel trail next to picturesque Steinberger Slough.” The part they don’t tell you is that for a majority of the race you run 5 feet away from Highway 101. While that’s not 100% my idea of picturesque, the views of the Bay were very beautiful and we saw a couple of pretty birds along the way.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 10.16.46 PM

How did I feel?

Well, I think I found a new running buddy. Kyle is FAST! He kept us at a 7:35-7:40 pace for the first 10 miles. It was hard for me to maintain that pace for a few reasons. 1. Last weekend’s San Jose 1/2 took a lot of running juice – not sure if I was ready for another 1:41 time. 2. No morning coffee… I usually like some caffeine. 3. Did you see Exhibit 1 – 3 above? Getting in bed past midnight, prolly not the best idea. 4. I really had to go to the bathroom the second half of the race… I’m talking about the sit-down-and-read-a-newspaper kinda bathroom visit ;)


So, around Mile 10 I stopped in a portapotty and encouraged Kyle to run ahead. He was in great shape and I knew he was capable of an amazing time. I didn’t want him to wait for me and I knew I was low on energy. Sure, this was his FIRST half marathon. And yeah, he didn’t actually TRAIN for this race. But he’s in great shape from soccer (2 games/week) and runs almost every other day of the week. Plus, he kicked ass during The Relay and the Oakland Relay. His finish time: 1:40:24!!


I finished up in the bathroom, took 2 cups of water from the adjacent water station, and started the last 3 miles alone. Instantly I felt that “wall” people talk about. My legs felt like lead and I couldn’t control my speed one bit. I crossed the finish line as confidently as possible around 1:46:47.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 10.21.38 PM

Announcer: “Next up, look at this. Number TWO THREE THREE, Lauren… Well done Lauren, lovely socks.”

At the finish line…


Coffee cake from the infamous Hobees… I had the pumpkin one.


No water bottles. Jugs of water + cups are fine by me.


Bagels, oranges, bananas, and chocolate milk.


We changed into dry clothes, stretched, and then hung out with Kevin, Savannah, and Alayna. We all waited patiently for Oktoberfest to start.

It was also Kevin and Savannah’s first half marathon!!

They were on my team for the Napa to Santa Cruz Relay this year, but I strangely haven’t blogged about it yet….


Oktoberfest details!

– many beers of German and Bavarian origin, American ales, lagers, IPAs, and pilsners
– 12 breweries there to educate, pour and celebrate the very best OktoberFest
– at least 5 German food pop-ups serving bratwurst, giant pretzels, and tasty strudels
– live entertainment with a 4-person Bavarian band (The Internationals) and dance performances by Golden Gate Bavarian Club


I really need to restart my accordion lessons.


Look at my fancy beer socks. And my fancy beer-balancing on beer socks.
Best beer of the day? The Stiegl Radler. Only 2.5% but so extremely refreshing because of the grapefruit.


Our group got cheap tacos at a nearby taqueria and then called it a day…


$1.50/taco…. not bad. I chose carne asada, lengua, and al pastor.


13.1 miles? Check. 3.5 beers? Check. 3 tacos? Check.


Amazing job to the first time 1/2 marathoners — Kyle, Kevin, Savannah, and Alayna! Congrats :)


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