Portland: Day 2

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Day 2 in Portland was jam-packed. Literally, because we went to PBJs ;) You can read about Day 1’s P-town food cart, wine bars, basement brewery, and Bollywood dining << by clicking there.

We may have slept in a little longer than planned, but eventually we were out the door headed for brunch!


Broder Nord

2240 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR


Katie and Doug knew all about Broder’s soft opening on the East side. (p.s. I tried my best to learn the Portland geographic lingo). Broder has a much smaller brick and mortar elsewhere in Portland that’s extremely popular. When we walked in to their new digs, there was already a sizeable line. We were determined to get the good stuff so we put in a name and checked out the beautiful interior for 30 minutes or so.


They sat our group of 5 (Katie & Doug, Kelly & Adam, me ((yes, it was a couple’s thing lol)) in this wooden egg thing in the back of the restaurant. At first we were like “COOL! AN EGG!” but then we were like “please sir, come fill up our coffee tins, don’t forget we’re back here.”


I kid. The service was great. Especially since we knew our orders before we were seated :) The no-brainer choice: Aebleskivers (Danish Pancakes) with housemade lemon curd and lingonberry jam, above.

I chose the Baked Egg Scramble with northwest salmon, preserved lemon, pickled shallots, and fresh dill. For my side, I picked the fruit fritter (the only choice IMO). All scrambles come with hearty, dense walnut bread. Across the table, Doug and Kelly both chose the Lefse (Norwegian Potato Crepe) of the day.

And Katie/Kelly ordered a coffee cocktail – coffee, krogstad aquavit, kahlua. The whipped cream was heavenly.


We were in a time crunch to get back downtown, so we quickly paid the bill and skedaddled. But what, pray you, was downtown? Wedding dress shopping at the English Dept!!!! Katie and Doug are getting married in less than a year and she’s still looking for “the” dress.


Katie is insanely pretty so of course everything looked smashing on her. She has that whole Alexis Bledel / Zooey Deschanel look and I personally think one of the dresses made her look like a Greek goddess. The dress hunt will continue, but we made good progress comparing styles and thinking up new ways to combine elements of multiple dresses into one uber dress.


Oven & Shaker

1134 NW Everett St, Portland, OR

Post-dress shopping, we walked a few blocks to grab another celebratory cocktail. When you’re hanging out with the HappyHourHoneys, a glass (or two) of grapefruit mimosas isn’t far behind. O&S has a giant bar perfect for a midday drink and really tasty looking wood-fried pizzas. They also have a giant triangle (the instrument kind) – don’t ask what it’s for or you’ll be guilt tripped into buying a 6-pack for the kitchen.

* * *

Around 3:30 we dropped Katie off at the Rose Center so she could get ready for dance. She is a part of the Rosebuds, the dance group of the Portland Winterhawks (hockey).

Doug, Kelly & Adam, and myself were ready to eat again so we picked a Tapas place so we could keep it “light” (and eat with Katie after the game).



1818 NW 23rd Pl, Portland, OR


We picked a handful of items to share and, after first bite, realized that we needed to abandon the “light” eating because the food was OMGAMAZING. Here’s what we picked:

  • Arroz Cremoso con Pulpo – arborio rice, octopus, saffron, brussels sprouts, broccoli
  • Mac y Mejillones – mussels, pasta, tomato, sofrito, parmesan
  • Pa amb tomaquet – house coca bread, shredded tomato, extra virgin olive oil
  • Calamares Negros – calamari doughnut, squid ink, tarragon tartar sauce
  • Bombas BCN – spicy beef and potato croquete, brava, milk-alioli
  • Pepito de Ternera – veal breast, brioche, havarti, roasted green pepper, horseradish

My top 2 picks are in bold, and my absolute favorite dish of the entire trip was the arroz cremoso con pulpo. The best word I can think of to describe this meal was: unique. Each flavor combined into a unified taste unlike anything I’ve ever had. GO HERE.


At last, it was time to see my girl shake her poms on the ice. YES, the ICE!!!!!


Me, Katie, Kelly


Katie & Doug


Don’t ask me how they do it (I think it’s Harry Potter magic) but the Rosebuds leap and turn and change formations wearing enchanted ice booties. They were so good! It’s always fun to see my dance friends keeping at this sport. Katie and I were on the same dance team in high school and she was our dutiful captain senior year. :)


After the dance we all went to the bars for a fun game killing each other.


600 E Burnside St, Portland, OR

You read that right. We busted out the trusty Kill Your Friends game and Katie found a way to elevate it to a whole new level. She blogged about it here, but basically if you buy your friend a drink, you get to theatrically “kill” them in the middle of a crowded bar. The new twist? Apply a card game on top of that to encourage shot taking and more deaths. Just go read her blog post, it will make more sense :)

(Click for source)

(Click for source)

The bar was huge and open, perfect for jousting and zombies and electrocution and Harry Potter duels.

We taxied home with one pit stop: food cart!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 5.13.15 PM

PBJ’s Grilled

SE 12th Ave & SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR

I ordered the Sun Up (cinnamon raisin bread, wild flower honey, granola, bananas, pbj’s peanut butter). Although it took a while to make, the sandwich was so frickin’ good. Rumor has it that PB&J’s will make an appearance during Katie and Doug’s wedding weekend! I first had one of these nut butter + jam combos during my Rock n’ Roll trip to Portland at their cart on 23rd. So happy we went back!

And then we fell asleep.

Day 3 coming up soon!


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  1. Katie

    Excellent recap of Day 2. So happy you came dress shopping with me!!
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