Portland: Day 3

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Well hello! Happy Saturday :) Here’s my last post recapping my trip to Portland last weekend. (Click here for Day 1, and here for Day 2)… We left off after a night of many drinks and Killing Your Friends at Rontoms.

We woke up (slowly) around 9:30 am and turned on the TV (Seahawks/Falcons game). Doug went to the market and bought supplies for bagel bfast sandwiches. He also picked up Starbucks for us. What a sweet guy!

As Katie racked up fantasy football points (I swear half her team is on the Seahawks and they always kill it) (and she’s in first place in our league wtf), we lazily got ready for the day. That translates to a Portland-esque top knot, a comfy sweater, and Hunter boots.

A little later we walked over to Kelly’s house and Katie showed me one more wedding dress that she bought online. We soon found ourselves huddled around Kelly’s computer, looking at other online options and a few local wedding dress designers. The possibilities!! Oh my.

By 1 or 2 we were ready to get out and explore town, so Katie, Doug, and I got in the car and headed towards Alberta (where we were Friday night). Katie knows I have a raging sweet tooth so she suggested we stop by an adorable bakery.


The Sugar Cube

3039 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR

The owner of the bakery, Kirsten Jensen, bought a food cart in 2008, became super well known, wrote a cookbook, and then opened this place at the beginning of 2013. All the pastries and desserts on display rotate depending on what’s available that season. We lucked out with our picks!


Highway To Heaven Cupcake – Chocolate stout cake dipped in bittersweet ganache and doused with salted caramel


(Our Favorite!) Bourbon Brown Butter Honey Pie – Made with Bee Local honey and topped with Jacobsen sea salt, served with fresh whipped cream


Citrus Almond Tea Cake – Topped with gobs of fresh lemon curd

Split three ways, that’s really not too indulgent, right? :) Anywho, now that we had food to quell our queasy stomachs, we were ready to drive out to McMenamins Edgefield for a round of golf!


Hello, fall in the Pacific Northwest! Gosh, so beautiful.

As Katie and Doug explained, McMenamins takes over old properties and adds some flare, bars, spas, restaurants, and in this case a golf course and hotel. The Edgefield property was originally built in 1911 as a county poor farm. There are expansive gardens surrounding the original, fully restored, buildings.

We were here to golf – something I’ve never done before!


According to their website:

“Our two par-3 Pub Courses meander throughout the Edgefield property, over hill and dale, winding in and around thickets of blackberry bushes, all the while offering panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge while you work on your short game. Holes vary from 43 to 84 yards in length…Both courses are equally challenging, mostly for beginners, but fun for all.”


Doug showing me how to putt.


Katie’s pro stance.




Most points wins, right? ;)

The golf bug certainly hit. If there are any par-3 / beginner courses near Palo Alto, I would love to go again.

For dinner, we all agreed that pizza was a smart choice. Doug and Katie suggested Dove Vivi because of their addictive, rustic cornmeal crust pizzas. (p.s. I thought they said “Dough Babies” instead of Dove Vivi, which is actually a decent name for a pizza place…)


Dove Vivi

2727 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR

We ordered a brussels salad (thinly sliced brussels and radishes tossed with arugula in a house Italian vinaigrette, topped with frico) for some vegetable lovin’ and a large pizza: half Special of the day / half Corn (mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, balsamic marinated roasted red onions, fresh tomatoes, and house-made sausage).

DV is on the smaller side, with just a handful of tables and warm lighting to set the mood. The pizzas hover between deep dish and regular style — just a little more volume than normal. The crust is hearty, crunchy, and addicting! Loved it.

* * *

That night we caught up on work while watching White House Down with Channing Tatum….


Ooh la la. Channing…

Thank you Katie and Doug for letting me explore P-town with you, showing me all the best food spots, and letting me crash on your couch!! Besides Dexter (the cat), I loved every second :)


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  1. Katie

    Yay! Basically the best weekend ever! Thank you thank you for making the trip up!
    Katie recently posted..HHH’s Favorite Drinking GamesMy Profile


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