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And just like that, Thanksgiving is over! It’s exciting that it’s already December and soon enough it will be Christmas. Our family sure got in the spirit with the rest of our weekend…

On Friday night, my mom, David, Sam, and I went to visit Ben’s Starbucks-on-wheels in Downtown San Jose. This is San Jose’s first portable Starbucks and he is in charge of making sure the operations run smoothly. Prettttyyyy cool if you ask me.

He finished his shift just in time to stroll through Downtown’s Christmas in the Park with us. The ice rink and palm trees were all lit up. Doin’ it big in the 60 degree “winter.”

IMG 1084 Tis the Season

IMG 1086 Tis the Season

IMG 1088 Tis the Season

We walked over to the main Christmas in the Park area and took a  picture with the big tree while some contestant from an old American Idol performed carols.

IMG 1092 Tis the Season

After walking around a bit more, we picked up my friend Cassie on the way home and the two of us went out with some high school buddies. Not after a few rounds of card games though…

IMG 1106 Tis the Season

On Saturday, I spent most of the day in relaxation mode watching TV and working on the 12 Days of Christmas puzzle (it’s tradition). My mom and David convinced me to get some exercise with them that afternoon.

IMG 1116 Tis the Season

We stopped at the lookout point and enjoyed the view of yet another blue-skied day.

IMG 1115 Tis the Season

OH, and we decorated a lot on Saturday. My mom is a great manager and told each of us what needed to be done. She is also way better at rearranging decorations than I am. After not having a tree last year, we got a mini tree this year– it’s more fun to have a real tree.

IMG 1130 Tis the Season

Sunday was another laid-back day. More puzzling, sports games (49ers and Warriors won!), and packing. David and Sam went for a hike and my mom went for a walk with her friend, so I hit the trails for a quality solo run. 7.1 miles in ~80 minutes… just what I needed to end a great trip home. I’m so grateful to live a mile from this beauty:

IMG 1129 Tis the Season

And as my last meal at home, some Indian food from our favorite Chaat Cafe…

IMG 1147 Tis the Season

Time to hit the hay before the 5:00 wakeup call to fly back to LA.

Four days of school — four study days — three finals — then I’m officially a graduate! Let’s do this.

- Nicole



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  1. Dang! Did you do the trail 3 whole times this break?? Nice! Can you come back home now? Thanks.
    Lauren @ Sugar Coated Sisters recently posted..‘Tis the SeasonMy Profile

  2. Where’d you go run? I want to start more trail running soon. That photo is lovely!!!

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