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And it’s Monday again. Hope you’re all well-rested and well-fed after Thanksgiving. I know I am :)

Saturday afternoon Kyle and I spent time hanging things around our apartment. Our room now has two pieces of art and a shelf hanging. Turns out we need stuff to put on the shelves besides picture frames. I think this means I get to go to TJ Maxx and find fun knickknacks. We also hung four curtain panels that my mom was about to get rid of. Umm, those are Crate & Barrel. No need to toss them!


Measuring and drilling makes you kind of hungry.

We took our second trip to Umami Burger and tried two new burgers – the Ahi Tuna burger (with sprouts, smashed avocado, gingered carrots, wasabi flake, and wasabi tartar) and the Truffled Shiitake Royale burger (with port onions, truffled shiitake, and truffle glaze). We also got tempura-battered onion rings.


The burgers are the perfect size – not too big but full of FLAVOR! I spent Saturday night glued to the computer screen watching Season 1 of Made in Chelsea, thanks to my coworker Sam’s recommendation. She knows how much I love The Only Way is Essex, and she pitched this as a ritzier London-based version of TOWIE. So far, so good. I may or may not be on Season 2 after just two days!

Sunday morning I woke up and ran about a mile to The Bar Method, my newest workout of choice.


Remember when I went to Pure Barre in August 2011? I certainly haven’t forgotten about that great, Groupon-powered workout. Now that I live close to a bar/barre studio, I decided to ditch the gym and sign up for this instead. From my old post (still so accurate about how I feel):

The tuck-tuck-hold, tuck-tuck-hold moves BURNED like the 1666 Great Fire of London. My legs SHOOK more fiercely than the San Andreas Fault. I winced in pain numerous times and took more REST BREAKS than John Mayer has break-ups.

I was funnier in 2011.

What I love about the studio so far: the class sizes are small, there is a NICE locker room with showers and blow dryers, it’s on my way to work, they offer classes early enough so I can go before work, it’s expensive (which means I have more reason to go and less excuses to skip!)

What I’m nervous about: Will this class get old because of the repetition or will I embrace the predictable format? Unlike a yoga studio with 5+ class types, they’ve only got normal and advanced. We shall see!

After class I went home and showered and then Kyle and I drove up to San Francisco for a little daytime date.



Greens Restaurant

Fort Mason, Bldg A, San Francisco WebsiteYelp First up, brunch! Greens is a part of the historic Fort Mason center and overlooks the SF Marina with views of Angel Island, the Golden Gate, and Marin. The views were gorgeous (not to mention it was nearly 70* in SF!). Green Gulch Farm in Marin County provides the restaurant with seasonal produce all year… and the restaurant supplements with other local growers and organic farmers’ markets.


Everything on the menu looked fantastic and we were quite hungry! Eventually we settled on two dishes to split :)


Breakfast Tartine – toasted Acme levain with kale and sunflower seed pesto, fried Rolling Oaks Ranch eggs and pecorino; quinoa salad with arugula, sweet potato, snap peas, and watermelon radishes


Pinnacles Scramble Рscrambled eggs with yellow finn potatoes, poblano and chipotle chilies, scallions, cheddar and cilantro. Served on corn tortillas with black bean chili, cr̬me fraiche, cilantro pumpkin seed and tomatillo salsas

The Pinnacles Scramble was the overwhelming favorite. The kale and sunflower seed pesto on the tartine tasted a lil too healthy.

* * *

After brunch we walked to the Magic Theater in Fort Mason Bldg C (like 10 feet away) and attended a play called Arlington. It was an hour long show starring one woman (a military wife whose husband is at war) and she sang the entire time. A guy played the piano alongside her and occasionally sang to portray the distant men in her life.


It was a great show – very different though. Each song portrayed the main character’s hopefulness, naivete, and despair. Powerful stuff.


Afterwards we walked towards the Golden Gate and then made our way back to the car via Chestnut. It was the perfect December day.


We had to make a stop at Davids Tea so Kyle could go on a “tea journey” (his words, not mine). He went in to the store to get disposable tea bags and ended up with $30 of tea and a Christmas mug. I called up Krizia and told her to stop by and say hi. She kindly obliged :)


And then we came home and made Kraft mac n’ cheese (+ sausages and veggies). Very adult.


After Monday’s 2nd barre class I can barely stand up. Wish me luck tomorrow!

Have you watched Made in Chelsea? Any other good UK shows?

I want to pretend I’m British and need to practice their phrases.


Comments (3)

  1. Kyle

    Quite a tea journey. This was a mighty good day.

  2. Kristine Ciardello

    So many things. I still want to try Greens – it’s literally like < 1 mile from my apt and I haven't gone yet. Ughhhhh.

    I was nervous about the repetitiveness of Pure Barre, but I'm finding that I LIKE knowing what to expect and that it's all about the instructor. Some instructors the class literally flies by and I forget I'm even there. I'm also finding that… a month in I'm getting stronger. I used to die on the plank warm-up and now I can do the entire thing without resting. It's the little things :)

    Also I love that Kyle used the phrase "tea journey". That is amazing. You were also like 5 blocks away from me at that moment.

  3. Sonia the mexigarian

    I haven’t been to the Greens before but the views look great and the food too! I have to make it to SF :) I haven’t watched any of the recent BBC shows. I’m stuck in a time warp and love my keeping up appearances, are you being served and red dwarf. Though i have heard many good things about downtown abbey.


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