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Posted by Lauren

Hi everyone! I actually have a blog post for you today… I felt like I needed to check in because I haven’t posted in many many days. Whoops! So what has kept me from blogging? Well, not only has work been it’s typical level of crazy, I’ve also started taking classes at The Bar Method.



I went Sunday 12/1 …
Wednesday… (this is when the soreness went away)


Saturday… (and then went for a run)



(skipped Tuesday)… (aka when I realized 6 am classes won’t work for me)
(skipped Thursday)… (yup, 6 am definitely won’t work)

The 1st – 3rd day I was really sore, but by the fourth day I felt pretty good. I continued taking classes every day, which might seem a little bit much, but I’ve got an unlimited monthly package and I don’t have a lot of time near Christmas to go to class. Soooo I decided to front-load and take a bunch in the beginning.

If you haven’t heard of bar method, I encourage you to go look at Kristine’s blog post and learn about how a pure barre class is structured. They’re slightly different, but pretty much the same.

Not sure if you remember, but I canceled my gym membership and decided to buy a treadmill so that my wimpy butt can run indoors during the warm California winter. (Really though, this winter has been chillyyyy!!) The folks over at NordicTrack sold more than their available inventory on the model I bought (erg.) so I emailed their support center and they offered to upgrade me to a slightly better model. It shipped on Friday. Wahoo!


I managed to go on a few runs the past two weeks – short stints at the track during the week, 6 miles this Saturday, and 6 miles last Saturday.



Both Saturday 6-milers were conveniently on days with holiday parties :) Gotta work for it sometimes.

My company holiday party was last weekend. I invited a few people over to Kyle/my place beforehand, we shared some drinks and then carpooled over to our CEOs house a few miles away.


The party was fabulous! We sang Christmas carols together with a live pianist. We had special cocktails prepared in honor of Super Sally. Most importantly, we were able to bring our families together and just share a really special night. #Sentimental

I’m honestly shocked at how few pictures are in my camera roll. Hopefully I’ll get better at blogging in 2014 because I really do love this space and I want to make sure that it doesn’t fade away, you know what I mean?

Random photo summary in 3, 2, 1…



My snack-nemesis = chocolate covered raisins. Demolished.


Lunch with ex-coworkers. I miss those guys!


Date Night =  home-cooked meal & wine followed by The Internship and Sour Patch Kids :)



Inaugural Cheese Club at work!!



We so cheesy.


Super random, but that’s the famous Hewlett & Packard garage. Just blocks from my new place!



Dim Sum tradition going strong. 2 more recent hires = more pork buns :)



Did you know it’s Customer Appreciation month and a few Subway 6-inchers are only 2 bucks?!

Next post I’ll share photos from Kim’s holiday party that happened this past Saturday. Spoiler alert, it was even better than last year – if you can believe it! :)


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  1. Kristine Ciardello

    SERIOUSLY impressed you’ve managed to go to Bar that many times in a row! I go 3-4x a week and I’m STILL sore (I think I’m like 6 weeks in?) after every single class. But I love it! Also – I’m now craving Dim Sum, so thank you for that :)


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