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Hello Sunday friends.

So it looks like Nicole is having the best time hanging out with her dance team friends. Hiking waterfalls, cheesy chick flicks, trips to the beach? Kind of reminds me of my best friends from high school dance team and the silly stuff we did together. Oh! And she finds time to intern for Gainsight. So talented.

Let’s catch up!

Right now (aka yesterday when I was writing this) I’m watching the Patriots/Colts game with Kyle. We’re trying to figure out dinner plans with our pals Kit and Adrienne. Should we stay in and watch the Sharks game on our baby TV or go out for $0.50 half pints? Decisions. Decisions. (hint: half pints won)

Before the Pats game started… Kyle and I brought out my TANDEM BICYCLE!!!!!


The story of my tandem bicycle:

So back in college, our friend Karl Malone had a yellow tandem bicycle and he left it at our apartment after Bike Night (a thing that happened in SLO because it’s the cutest town ever). Well, Kerry and I would ride the tandem bicycle every where! We even rode it to Avila Beach which was NOT an easy feat! Here’s a throwback pic of Karl’s tandem + me + my sorority big sis (not Kerry):

throwback tandem

Eventually Karl came back to retrieve his bicycle and we were so sad to see it go. I vowed to one day own my own tandem bicycle. That dream came true in 2010 when I bought a rickety (but functional) green tandem bicycle from some guy on Craigslist. It fit nicely into the storage area at my place in Monterey and we made sure to ride along Cannery Row while we could (Exhibit A). Then when I moved back to San Jose, it took semi-permanent residence in my mom’s garage. And it stayed there when I moved to Mountain View… but now! Now that I live in Palo Alto with Kyle, my tandem bicycle has a home. :)

We just need to get the brakes fixed and find out where the perpetual squeak is coming from…

So yeah, we rode the tandem bicycle to the Stanford Shopping Center and I returned a too-small pair of boots I bought online at Nordstroms.

Before the tandem bike ride… I ran for ~30 minutes while watching an episode of Community. I put on The Bachelor and walked on an incline for ~30 minutes. I think incline walking + TV watching will become my new favorite pastime.


Before treadmill quality time… I worked for a bit at Starbucks and had breakfast. To me, that’s a spinach-egg-feta wrap and grande coffee. That was great fuel after a 9 am Bar class.


Before Bar/Starbucks on Saturday morning… Kyle and I went to a real bar (Molly McGees) Friday night. He had a dentist appt near my office, so we walked downtown ~6pm and each ordered a beer. They had the Duchesse De Bourgogne on tap again (yay!). Sour goodness.


Before Friday night beers… I just wanted to toot my horn a bit and say that I ate brussels sprout lunches on Thursday and Friday. It’s really hard to bring your lunch when you work in downtown Mountain View because there are 428 great restaurants nearby. I take a large steamer bag of brussels sprouts, nuke in the microwave, and then coat in mustard and hummus. (And then I eat a bunch of goldfish… but we won’t talk about that). I’m hoping to do these veggie lunches at least 2x week.


Before my green lunch… I had cheerios (peanut butter AND apple cinnamon) with sliced bananas. LOVE cereal in the morning. How can people give up cereal for New Years?!!?


Before my yummy Friday morning meal… I went to Bar classs! I’m still loving it in case you were wondering. This week I went Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat morning and Tuesday night. Decent attendance! I’ve also been increasing my running levels, thanks to the treadmill. Thursday night  I went for a short run while watching Last Man Standing on Hulu.


Before the quick 3 miler… it was CHEESE CLUB at work!!! Thursday night’s Cheese Club had a stellar showing with some fiiiiine cheeses (and one really smelly one). Word’s spreading at work that Cheese Club is the place to be.


One last thing: GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Theresa Flanagan

    Oh my goodness, one of my life dreams is to own a tandem bike! My friends in college had one and sometimes I would get them to give me a ride to class when my bike was broken :) Those things are so fun, and you & Kyle look so freaking cute on the bike! I totally feel ya with the lack of motivation to pack lunches when there are so many tempting places to try, but the brussels idea is a good one!
    Theresa Flanagan recently posted..Getting my Mojo BackMy Profile


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