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Not much has been going on lately. Since I last blogged, I’ve mostly been hanging out with friends and enjoying LA moments. Last weekend, I danced at some bball games and watched the disappointing 49ers vs. Seahawks game with some buddies. The loss was such a bummer, but at least there was a pretty sunset that night?

IMG 2214 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

On Monday, I went on a hike at Will Rogers National Park with some friends. Though I didn’t have school, it was nice for my friends to have the day off in celebration of MLK Jr. Day so we could get outside and be active. The weather was perfect and the views of Malibu and the ocean were amazing.

IMG 2240 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

IMG 2255 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

IMG 2266 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

The coolest part of the hike was the patch of trees lined up along the trail. I got a little camera-happy.

IMG 2261 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

We had dance practice on Tuesday and finished learning another new routine to Britney Spears’ “Work.” We performed the routine at Wednesday’s game and it was quite the crowd pleaser.

Screen Shot 2014 01 23 at 12.22.36 PM Hikes, Dance, the Usual

Our men’s team finally won a conference game… it was awesome to upset #2 Cal.

IMG 2284 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

My friend Jamie also texted me this picture during halftime because I was on TV! Very exciting… and I’m happy that I was smiling when the camera was on me.

IMG 2285 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

Yesterday, I braved rush hour on 110 to pick up a friend’s friend from the airport. We saw a beautiful sunset on the way back to USC.

IMG 2294 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

Back at school, we quickly got ready for a special fraternity trip to Newport Harbor. The boat went out on the water for a couple hours and then we took buses back to SC.

IMG 2295 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

I woke up to a motivating text from my friend Ashley. She suggested we go to the Silver Lake stairs and have an intense workout. These “Music Box Stairs” have some history: “these famous steps were named for the 1932 Academy Award winning Laurel and Hardy film where they tried to push a piano up the stairs between Vendome St. and Descanso Drive. The Three Stooges also filmed some shenanigans on another section of steps.”

Holy cow, stairs are no joke! There were three sets of stairs and we went up/down all the sets four times. Next time we are going to do 6 rounds. That is, if my calves don’t die before then.

IMG 2330 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

The views from the stairs were very unique… it kind of felt like we were in a different country.

IMG 2309 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

IMG 2329 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

IMG 2327 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

IMG 2328 Hikes, Dance, the Usual

Luckily, we had dance practice in the afternoon so we were able to shake out our legs a bit and finish preparing routines for Sunday’s men’s game vs. Stanford. Tomorrow we are celebrating Ashley’s 22nd birthday with a party bus to Hollywood’s Bootsybellows club and it is sure to be a great time. Life is awesome right now and how is January almost over?!

- Nicole


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  1. Lauren says:

    Mom says “if i was her I’d stay until the end of May. why would she ever leave?”

    yes – we read this out loud together :)
    Lauren recently posted..Hikes, Dance, the UsualMy Profile

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