Another Great Weekend


Posted by Nicole

This weekend was definitely one for the books. I slept inĀ Saturday and joined Nika at the gym for her zumba class. This was her first time officially teaching at the gym and she rocked it. There were a ton of students there, not just the two of us like the picture suggests haha. After zumba, we soaked our legs in the jacuzzi because we were both ridiculously sore from climbing stairs. Then I convinced her to get froyo with me. This has become a really bad (but really, really good) habit of ours. On the walk back to my apartment, my friend Natty asked if I wanted to take Rex for a walk with him. Of course I had to see my favorite lil guy.


I spent the next few hours relaxing… took a great two hour nap, did a bit of work, and then got dolled up for the night out. Nika and I went over to Ashley’s for the pre-party bus-party and took some photos before the night got a little crazy.




The party bus was lots of fun! We got to Bootsybellows and there was a super long line, but luckily we were able to cut past the people waiting.


The inside was pretty nice – I was expecting a bigger club like Vegas style, but it was still a good size. When the club got a little too crowded and we all got a little too tired, we took the bus back. It was a much more mellow ride back… lots of Drake and a lot less dancing.

I was happy to be in bed before 4 because I had a pretty early wakeup call for a basketball game on Sunday. We met up at noon to get ready for the USC vs. Stanford men’s game. The game was very close and entertaining, but when it went into overtime our team just fell too far behind and couldn’t catch up.

My aunt and a couple good friends came to the game so that also made the game more exciting.



It was nice to see our old dance captain after the game! I’m hoping to go visit her in San Diego sometime soon so we can party at the House of Blues like old times!


It was definitely a great weekend, as they all are lately. Can’t wait to read about Lauren’s weekend trip to Groveland [[trying to convince her to blog haha]].

– Nicole

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  1. Jasmin Dunnell

    Zumba and Froyo is one of my favorite combinations too. I figure I deserve it here and there.
    Jasmin Dunnell recently posted..Why Your Tennis Shoes Are Not Good For A Zumba WorkoutMy Profile


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