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Last Saturday was a ton of fun because another college friend tied the knot! I met Kevin freshman year of college, he was one of the guys that spent a lot of time in our dorm but didn’t actually live there. (The math and science dorm was quite the party spot in 2005 believe it or not.) When someone got kicked out spring quarter, he took advantage of the opening and moved in, officially becoming a Muir guy. He’s the first guy in our crew to get hitched!

20140214 182741 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


The night before the wedding, Fran, Krizia, and I went to Kevin & Julia’s apartment to hang out with the almost-newlyweds and a few other wedding guests. We toasted to them with a round of champagne and then watched some Olympics opening ceremony. It was nice to get extra time with all the out-of-town guests!

20140214 182835 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Saturday morning, after a quick run & bar class, Fran/Krizia/I got ready for the ceremony! It felt just like old times getting ready for a night out with my college roomies (minus Kerry, who we missed terribly!). A little after noon we hopped in the car and caravanned to Stanford. (Extra thanks to Kyle for driving us everywhere and being so sweet by dropping us off close to stuff so we didn’t have to be in the rain a lot!)

20140214 182909 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Sometimes when prepping blog posts I get lost in Wikipedia looking at facts. Here’s some about the ceremony site, Stanford Memorial Church:

  • Nicknamed MemChu
  • Commissioned by Jane Stanford as a memorial to her husband, Leland Stanford
  • Jane spent two months in Venice to select the watercolors for the mosaics
  • Construction started in 1899 and finished in 1903
  • The 1906 earthquake wrecked much of the church, felled the spire, cracked the walls, and “injured beyond repair” the mosaics
  • It has the plan and structure of a large Romanesque church while the extensive use of mosaic and the foliate forms of the stone carvings reflect Byzantine styles (like the churches of Constantinople and St Mark’s Basilica)
  • The chief building material of the church is buff sandstone, which came from the Goodrich Quarry in the Almaden area of San Jose (aka where my mom lives!)

20140214 182938 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Photo op with Krizia and Fran :)

20140214 182952 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Kevin and Julia took a few photos together before the ceremony – it was kinda cool to watch it happen (usually photos are done out of sight and you have to wait until they pop up on Facebook).

20140214 183002 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


We took our seats in the GORGEOUS church and the ceremony began!

20140214 183102 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


After the “you may now kiss the bride” moment, we grouped up for photos. Our Cal Poly crew was one of the bigger groups! Then, we took advantage of the 2 hours between the ceremony and reception and went to the Rose & Crown for drinks and snacks. Randomly, my mom and David were in Palo Alto, so they met us there as well! I loved this part of the day.

The reception was only a few blocks away at the Garden Court Hotel. (So convenient!!) We mingled during the cocktail hour and then went downstairs into the reception space for dinner.

20140214 183117 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Sea ^^^

20140214 183123 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Land ^^^

(Both, so so so good)

20140214 183132 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


The photo booth was a big hit……

20140214 183137 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding

20140214 183152 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Yea, we were kinda obsessed.

First dance!!!

20140214 183253 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding

20140214 183611 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Table 3! What a great table :)

On my way to the bathroom I came across this sweet moment between Kevin and Julia….

20140214 183643 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


Aren’t they adorable?!

Their wedding was perfect and totally “them.” The food, dancing, photos, speeches – all so fun! Can more people start getting married, please?!!

After the reception ended, a few of us went to Nola’s for another drink. We played that one iPhone game where you guess the word… and then some guy brought us all three fishbowl drinks (uhhh, no thank you?).

20140214 183700 Kevin and Julias Palo Alto Wedding


It was an amazing day! Congrats Kevin and Julia!!



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  1. julia says:

    thanks lauren!! we’re so happy you guys had a good time and were able to celebrate with us on our big day! :)
    julia recently posted..Love Is…A Valentine’s Day RoundupMy Profile

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