Celebrating and someone should start a petition


Posted by Lauren

Which of you will start a petition to get Nicole to start blogging again? I nominate our mom since Nicole always listens to her sage advice. (I’ll be the first signature!)

Like I’m one to talk! 2.5 weeks of nothing but a DC teaser. Shameful.

Here’s a run-down of the past 20 days or so:
– trip to DC with mom and David
– Rock ‘n’ Roll USA half marathon
– work M-F
– exciting March Madness times since Cal Poly (my alma mater) made the tourney for the first time ever (!!!!!)
– weekend getaway with Kyle in Sonoma County to celebrate our anniversary
– 1 year work anniversary :)

Photos or it didn’t happen?


Cal Poly got a head start, matched up against Texas Southern in the Midwest bracket (got to see the assignments happen on the flight home from DC)


Dim Sum when one of our favorite interns was in the office during spring break…. tradition holding strong!


I missed Pi Day while in DC, so Kyle agreed to a belated Pi Date at the Palo Alto Creamery. Strawberry rhubarb for me and cherry crumb for him.


Watched the Wednesday Cal Poly v Texas Southern game at the bar next to work. Portable wifi is awesome.

Watched the Cal Poly (16) v Wichita St (1) game on Friday afternoon at a different bar next to work (gotta switch it up). Somehow we were able to arrange a last minute offsite happy hour so everyone could cheer on the Mustangs!


But we lost :(

But I got to see Krizia and newlywed Kevin!!

I’ll recap the weekend tomorrow for ya. Kyle and I spent time in the beautiful Bodega Bay area…


Last but certainly not least: Tuesday’s work anniversary cake! :)


What’s something you celebrated recently?

Are you following March madness? Have a bracket? How’s it doing so far?


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  1. Colleen @ Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill

    Ahh you were so close to me in DC! Hope you had a great time!


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