Goodbye Jackson Street Apartment, Speakeasy, Volleyball, Sharks!


Posted by Lauren

The past weekend was awesome! Lots to review!

Let’s start after my (short) run + Philz coffee pickup.

Kyle and I drove up to San Francisco to say goodbye to Krizia’s apartment. Krish and her roommates are all moving out and my heart is silently breaking. :( So many memories in that apartment!! For example:

Ari, Krish, and Colleen had a big brunch spread and mimosas ready to go when we arrived…


We quickly made our way up to the roof to soak it in one last time…



These three girls are amazing. Jackson Street will miss them.


Krizia – I am really grateful that you have allowed me to invade your space on so many occasions. You even made me a key before Kyle did!! HAHA! You always have a fresh towel for me, highwater pajama pants I can borrow, always offer me water before bed / coffee in the morning, and you let me cuddle with you after we talk late into the night. Seriously you are the best and THANK YOU!

* * *

Kyle and I left around 3 pm to get to South SF for a brewery tour at…

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

1195 Evans Ave, San Francisco


The tour was maybe 30 minutes long? Since Kyle’s brewed a few times and we’ve toured many breweries, I’ve realized that I don’t care so much about how the beer is made. I do care about the history of the brewery and our tour guide gave us a nice run down of their history. Ex. The tap room used to accept poker-style coins in exchange for beer!



After the tour, you get 4 tastings. We maximized the menu by getting all 8 tastes… my favorite was the Informant (saison).


You also leave with a growler of you beer of choice! Pretty sweet deal.


We left the brewery and headed south back to Palo Alto to watch my cousin play in the MPSF Quarter-Final Men’s Volleyball game (#5 UC Irvine @ #3 Stanford). He plays for UCI as a middle blocker.


There he is jumping in the air!


And again spiking (blocking?) the volleyball!


The game was INTENSE. In the word’s of our aunt Cori: “Not the ending we wanted, but fans got their money’s worth on this one, as it was an even battle with a “razor thin” margin in the 5th set tiebreaker. First game 30-28 was a thriller on its own!”


Sunday morning I had intentions of shopping and working, but then I realized it was Easter Sunday (no shopping) and I left my charger at work (so I went and picked it up).


After a few hours on the computer, I pulled myself outside for a 4 mile run, looping by the Stanford track so I could drink H2O at the water fountain.


Slow-ish. Hard-ish. I really don’t have stamina anymore :(


At 6:30, our friends Kit and Adrienne came over to watch the Sharks vs. Kings game. We had tacos al pastor, guac, and the best ever Mi Pueblo salsas. Addicted.


Between the 2nd and 3rd period we walked downtown for froyo. The Dairy Queen commercials between plays really hooked us in :)


I’m BEYOND EXCITED that the Sharks won game 2. Not only did they “win” – they also created quite some momentum going into game 3 (the first away game of the series).


Between game 1 and 2, they had 11 unique players score. We are so diverse :)

It was a great weekend overall and I can’t wait for next weekend…..

stagecoach lineup


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  1. Krish

    AWWW LO LO!!! :D I love this! Of course!! It’s been so amazing to have you as our honorary roommate over the years! Love you lady! Have a blast at ragecoach! :)


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