Dinner with Nicole, Bachelorette finale, and SF party

Posted by Lauren

I’ve been packing my weekDAYS full of fun stuff lately (which is awesome) but at the same time I’m really looking forward to some nights at home in front of the TV and catching up on extra work this week. Right now I very much feel energized for all the work projects I have on my plate, I wake up excited to start them and go to bed click clackin away on my computer.

A few weeks ago I dusted off my bicycle and pumped the tires up so I could start riding my bike to work at least once a week. So far so good!


Last Monday was the much anticipated finale of the Bachelorette. Lucky for Sarah and me, Cindy invited us over for dinner to view the “shocking” final rose ceremony. Want to know what wasn’t shocking? How amazing our taco fiesta was! We assembled steak and fish tacos with Corona’s on the side. :)


And that guacamole! Mmmm.


While Creepy Nick said his goodbyes to Andi and whatshisface said “marry me” to her, we focused on something else sweet – Cin’s peach pie. Oh lawdy….. she outdid herself with this pie and FRESH whipped cream.


Overall I was pretty pleased with Andi’s selection and I’m looking forward to stalking them on Instagram (yes, I follow Sean, Catherine, Des, and a few others – help me)

Last Wednesday night was sister date night. I met Nicole at the Town & Country shopping center in Palo Alto (same place I’ve been doing bar 3-4x / week) and we listened to the live music for a few minutes (not exaggerating). We quickly went inside to Calafia Cafe (Website) for some vegetarian friendly food.


(Thanks for the better pic Nicole!)


We split 1. Crimson Quinoa Salad (VG) (GF) – beet-infused golden quinoa with red currants, lemon zest, parsley, shaved roasted beets, wild arugula, basil-citrus vinaigrette and 2. Goat Cheese, Beet & California Walnut Pizza shaved roasted beets, goat cheese, garlic, topped with wild arugula salad and basil-citrus vinaigrette.

I must really like this girl because beets aren’t really my thing. Turns out, Calafia makes decent beet dishes.


After dinner we walked around the Stanford track a few times and then wandered into campus to take pictures. Nicole really goes for it when she sees the right angle… exhibit A:


She spent the night at Kyle/my place and we even walked over to Yogurtland for the true SCS experience. I’m loving that her new job is further north! Now I just need to convince her to be my neighbor. hmmm

And last Thursday night was also a fun one! Our company co-hosted an end of quarter celebration party for Salesforce along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. We had live music, tasty appetizers, and tons of happy AEs to congratulate on a job well done.


Check out that Ferry Building, ooh baby what a sight.


And then, you know, I had to pack and get ready for the epic Po5 weekend I already wrote about. Look at me, being all bloggy and stuff. :)

Will someone please force me to go run tomorrow?


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  1. Kristine

    YAYYYY you’re back! I missed you! Next time you’re in SF lets PLEASE get drinks/workout!


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