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Speaking of best friend trips in southern California……..

One month ago, Krizia and I drove down to LA to spend time with some of our favorite people. We left Friday after work and made it to Pasadena in time for late night food/drinks with Clay and Andrew. We started at Congregation Ale House (Yelp) – nice beer selection and sweet potato fries… then we went to Pasadena’s eclectic 3-floor billiards/restaurant/karaoke spot, Barney’s Beanery (Yelp).

20140806 220017 79217685 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

Nicole, do you think our official blog song can be Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me?! Just think about it… :)

20140806 220018 79218070 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

Clay insisted that we try downtown Pasadena’s late night staple before heading home… King Taco (Yelp). You can’t go wrong with $1.30 street tacos!

20140806 220018 79218457 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

Krizia and I woke up early, excited for a full day with our other two college roommates, Fran and Kerry. With two boxes of Bob’s Donuts (as in San Francisco’s Bob Donuts) in tow, we arrived at Fran’s house for a phenomenal potluck breakfast of sorts…

20140806 220018 79218821 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

Kerry brought bacon breakfast burritos (ooh alliteration!) and Fran made a huge pot of coffee… We chowed down and made plans for the rest of the day – stand up paddleboarding in Newport Beach!

20140806 220019 79219228 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

Our two-hour paddleboard rentals gave us just enough time to cruise through Newport Bay and the Balboa Coves neighborhood. It was so fun!!!! Only one of us fell in, any guesses?

20140806 220019 79219663 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

20140806 220020 79220210 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

After returning our boards, we walked over to the ocean-side of Newport and laid out on the beach until our skin felt just a little tooooo hot. Only one of us got a sunburn, any guesses? Hint: it was also the girl who fell in :)

Fran had the best idea for our next stop – Costa Mesa’s “Camp” green gathering spot. While Krish and Kerry ordered food from Native Foods (Yelp) (why don’t these exist in the Bay Area!?!?), Fran and I walked over to Milk + Honey (Yelp), a super cool coffee/tea shop with  shaved ice specialty drinks. A blended chai sounded amazing on the hot day, t’was love at first sip!

20140806 220325 79405071 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

Plus, their little garden courtyard (above) was awesome. Super SoCal. We also grabbed cookies from the Blackmarket Bakery (Yelp) and sat outside to share. Dang, those were good too.

20140806 220505 79505990 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

When we got back to Fran’s house, we were greeted by Wes! He spent the rest of the night hanging out with the four of us and it was great to catch up with him.

20140806 220506 79506446 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

For dinner, we picked up supplies from a local grocery store and Fran magically made us miso soup and humongous rice/seaweed/salmon sashimi bowls. Want to watch her creation come together in 15 seconds? Watch this on Instie.

20140806 220507 79507548 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

20140806 221200 79920432 Paddleboarding, Donuts, and BFFs

We ended the night chatting over a bottle of wine and a few donuts. Couldn’t have asked for a better day with these amazing ladies. Can’t wait til next time! #mo8forever



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  1. Omigosh this sounds like the most fab weekend with your girlfriends! I haven’t been to Pasadena for ages but it looks like it was a really fun night out there! And I’ve been dying to go sup-ing! Though I’m sure I too would def fall in! And I wish we had Native Foods too! All those cute places and outdoor dining looks so fun!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Gluten-Free recently posted..Real Talk: Like A GirlMy Profile

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