Dining Out

Ice cream sandwiches, brownies at 8 am, the usual.


Posted by Lauren

This Monday I’ve got the day off from work in honor of Presidents Day. Yay! I didn’t open my work computer at all on Saturday or Sunday – that hasn’t happened in…. uh…. a while. It felt really good to disconnect and spend more time with Kyle, Netflix, and my treadmill. Ha :) I’ll save the weekend update for next post, instead I want to recap last week…


From Jan 20 thru Feb 16 the Bar Method studio I go to was having a challenge. Take 12 classes, you get X% off, take 16 classes, you get Y% off. That kind of thing. The ultimate prize (a t-shirt haha) comes at the 20 class mark. Last week I was at 16 and I *think* I made it to 20… I’ll keep you posted :)

I’ve been loving Bar Method in the mornings before work Mon/Wed/Fri and I was stoked to see them start offering 7 am classes on Tuesday and Thursday as well. This week I had to take a few lunchtime classes since 8 am meetings took priority. I’m just happy that I’m consistently working out and getting a little “me” time. Now, I just need to find my running legs. Where have they gone??? Sad.


Adding granola makes plain Cheerios so much more palatable. I love that Costa Rica BFF coffee mug!!

The week progressed as usual … until Thursday. My mom had a routine colonoscopy in Palo Alto and I was the lucky one to pick her up and take her out to an early dinner :)


She requested a trip to Joya, one of the fancier restaurants on University Ave. Um, yes please! We kept it light and just split the tapas appetizer. If you know anything about a colonoscopy, you know that you’re A: really hungry from not eating for 2 days and B: a little bloated from the air insufflation.


Like mother like daughter, we were craving something sweet after our tapas platter. I’ve looked for an excuse to indulge in Cream‘s famous ice cream sandwiches, and this was it. The line is usually a million miles long, but we were able to walk right in and order. Score. I’m intimidated by the size (hello, calories!) and options/possibilities (10! * 20! *10! = 3.2*10^31 and that calculation doesn’t even include the V/GF cookies!!!!) but don’t worry I made up my mind. Feast your eyes on this:


Snickerdoodle cookie > Cookie Dough ice cream > Peanut Butter cookie

WOW. Still not as good as Cindy’s homemade ICS, but pretty freaking yummy.

As if that wasn’t enough sugar for one 24 hour period, Friday morning at 8 am we had a brownie decorating competition/social at work. In honor of Valentines Day, we grouped into teams and decorated large brownies with our company logo. With cheesy love music blasting, our St. Louis office was up on the conference screen decorating cookies in their office.


Our CEO judged the final projects and awarded a winner in both MTV and STL. Then, we picked names from a hat and made anonymous valentines for someone else in the office. We’re so cute.


Here’s a little Instagram video summary (p.s. sometimes the video embed only works on feedly?):

Valentines Day night was very relaxed. Kyle and I walked down the street to CPK and split the “special” (1 app, 2 entrees, 1 dessert). Our first date, which was on Valentines Day, was at the CPK in SLO. Throwback Date!


After the lettuce wraps, pizza, and bbq chicken salad, we were stuffed! I made as much room for the Red Velvet Cake as I could… what a trooper.


We’re nearing the six year mark, I can barely believe it… so glad this smartypants goofball is mine :)


Hope your Valentines Day was a hit!

Raise your hand if you ended the night with House of Cards! **raises hand**


Nat’s Birthday

Posted by Lauren

Let’s rewind to the weekend… Two of my favorite people drove up to Palo Alto for a special birthday dinner. Cindy (our Bachelor/Bachelorette hostess extraordinaire) and her daughter Natalie (my high school bestie) just celebrated their birthdays!

Kyle and I showed off our apartment and Cindy basically said my one piece of furniture, a chair with a swivel desk top, is ugly hahaha…

We went to Tacolicious! Damn that place is good.


After a pitcher of margaritas, 10 tacos, albacore tuna tostadas, and ceviche verde… we were definitely FULL! We walked back to the apartment and waited at least an hour to dig into Cin’s Carrot Cake.


Happy 25th Nat!


Kit, Samantha, and Darrin arrived and we went back downtown for a mini bar crawl (beers at Rose & Crown and a drink at Nola’s).


* * *

On Monday, I was pleased to see our greek yogurt stash was back! You never know with the work fridge. Yes, that is the Los Angeles RnR bib on my desk. Yes, we still need to blog about that…. whoops.


For lunch I joined Sam and Taylor for Korean B.B.Q. This is one of those places that I pass by all the time but have never tried.


I was craving something warm so I went with the yukgaejang (spicy beef soup). It was basically a case of the never-ending bowl of soup…


On the workout front, I went to Bar class on Saturday morning, Monday morning, and Tuesday night. I really like the back studio because there are windows and you can look out at the sunrise / sunset depending on time of day…


I also put in a few miles on the treadmill while watching Made in Chelsea. Speaking of… Kyle went on his first run and said he loved it so I decided to give the treadmill to him. :) I’ll just get to borrow it all the time.


p.s. Just watched the PLL premiere, so happy that show is back!


The three day work week.

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When I got back from a weekend in SLO, I was surprised to learn that we had New Years Eve off. That extra holiday made it a very short week! Here’s a photo summary (aka a way for me to catch up on blogging by mostly just posting photos from my Camera Roll).

Monday – Dec 30

Dim Sum with coworkers Joffer, Sam, and Denyce. Gainsight’s turned me into a dim sum snob….



Late Bar Method class to sweat out the SLO toxins….



Fancy homemade pizzas with the white elephant cheese wheel from Holland….



Kyle and I used the pizza stone Lauretta gave us for Xmas. Thank you! Works like a charm….



TuesdayNew Years Eve

So… the treadmill arrived!!!!!

I built most of it myself (and proud of it!) with a little help from Kyle. Oh, and I should add that he brought the darned thing up the stairs into our apartment, which I’m very very thankful for. It fits perfectly in the “studio” aka where the music recording magic happens.



That rubber treadmill mat ^ ^ Super high quality noise canceling and really freakin’ heavy too.

We had a quiet NYE: we decided to go out to a movie (Wolf of Wall Street) and indulge in homemade crepes. The movie was quite the spectacle. Anyone else see it?



Kyle’s mom gave me a Crepe Kit for Xmas with all the essentials (pan, mix, wooden crepe spreader & turner, TSA-confiscated-hazelnut-spread). I was surprised at how easy they were to make given the correct tools! Crepe on the left has peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. Crepe on the right has vanilla yogurt, raspberries, and chocolate. Divine!! (Thanks again Sherri!)

WednesdayNew Years Day

This was a lazy-ish day for the two of us. We brought our laptops downtown and worked for a bit at Starbucks for a change of scenery….




And then we went out to dinner at a new-to-us Indian restaurant a few blocks from home – Janta.



We clearly went for the sampler….



Thursday – Jan 2

Then, on Thursday, it was back to the office! It may sound silly, but I really started to miss all my coworkers!

We got together in our big conference room for all-day training on Thursday AND Friday….



That meant breakfast omelettes every day from Crepevine and pizza/chinese food for lunch. Life of a startup….



And of course there was happy hour…. they had one of my favorite sour beers on tap!



Friday was basically the same story, except it ended with me in bed by 10 pm. Partyyyy animal. N’T.

Question: How did you spend your NYE / New Years??



slo nye 201323

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You remember how New Years’ Eve was on a Tuesday?! Well I pretended that New Years Eve was the weekend before (Dec 27-29) and spent time with some of my favorite college friends.

You know where.
SAN LUIS “I Love You So Much” OBISPO.

The night before I left for SLO, I joined a few of my high school besties at Yard House in Santana Row. I begged Vanessa, Sarah, and Natalie to join me on the roadtrip so it could be just like old times (their SLO visits were the best). Sadly, they were busy :( but at least we had a chance to reminisce about Facebook photos that are now super-hidden.

slo nye 201301

My friend Jon decided last minute that he couldn’t miss out on the fun, so he drove the two of us down to SLO (thank you!!) Friday afternoon. Kerry & Matt were the next to arrive, from Orange County, and then Victor from Gilroy. Next to arrive were Andrew & Mimi from LA and then Krizia & Ari  from SF and Clay from NYC. I love how SLO is the perfect meeting spot between Norcal and Socal (and NYC?).

The girls got ready…

slo nye 201302

Our entire group went to Splash Cafe…

slo nye 201303

Tyler met us at Splash, but he unfortunately couldn’t stay the weekend. I blame the Lakers. UGH.

slo nye 201304

We took the party downtown and spent most of the night at Buffalo…

slo nye 201305

Group selfies = Grelfies?

slo nye 201306

The hottest couple on the trip… and their big balls.

slo nye 201307

Typical roommate pic photo bombed by Clay and Matt…

slo nye 201308

After a deeeeeep sleep, we got ready for breakfast at Frank’s. Clay kept talkin’ up their breakfast sandwiches, so I just had to try one. Typically we get bfast burritos but I’ll admit the bfast sandwich felt a lot healthier. If that’s even possible at Frank’s.

slo nye 201309

Jon, Victor, me, Krish, Ari, Kerry, Matt… great group!

slo nye 201310

With a solid breakfast in us, we were ready to tackle Bishop’s Peak. According to Wikipedia, Bishop’s Peak is “a 1,546 feet volcanic plug … it is the tallest of the Morros or “Nine Sisters”, a chain of similar peaks stretching to Morro Bay.” It’s 20 million years old! Dang.

As we hiked up, we played Catchphrase. Good clean fun!

slo nye 201311

The views. Oh my…

slo nye 201312

Did you get my snapchat :) ?

slo nye 201313

Victor looks to the Men’s Colony a mile away from our alma mater LOL…

slo nye 201314

So much love for this town and these people at the top of the rock!

slo nye 201315

We made it safely back down the mountain and then headed to the hotel. Clay and Vic convinced us to hit up the hotel pool (yes, it was December 28th and nearly 80 degrees out) so we used that as an opportunity to FaceTime with Fran. We missed her dearly!!

slo nye 201316

I’m not sure how we managed to go so long without food (especially after that hike!) but we went to a laaaate lunch at Firestone’s for good ol’ fashioned BBQ. Basket of the best fries ever? Yes! My favorite tri tip salad? YES!

slo nye 201317

We walked back to our hotel — some people watched Pawn Shop, some people napped, some people had shots of Fireball…. oh wait, that was everyone. After a few rounds of Correspondence (don’t play unless you’re going to play nice or are ready to lose friends) we walked back downtown for sushi & sake bombs.

slo nye 201318

The table near us was celebrating a birthday and asked us to join in on two complimentary sake bombs. Don’t mind if we do….

And of course, we ended the night dancing at a variety of bars. Gotta love the college town vibe.

slo nye 201320

Sunday morning we went to Gus’s Grocery, a beloved sandwich joint among Cal Poly students. It was only 11 am, but I **needed** that sandwich. Yum Yum Yum Yum.

slo nye 201321

We went around the table and shared our Rose (best thing) and our Thorn (worst thing) of the weekend. Gosh, can we get any cheesier? Really though, it was a fun way to sum up the weekend.

slo nye 201322

I love these guys so much — I’m extremely lucky to have amazing friends like them in my life. Some of these faces I met on Day 1 at Cal Poly in 2005. Some of these faces are new as of last year. The common thread is that they are all kind and silly and amiable.  I wish we all lived in the same city and could hang out every weekend!

slo nye 201323

Happy New Year!