I Survived


Posted by Nicole

Monday and Tuesday were two rough days. It feels like I just woke up from a really stressful, bad dream haha. Finals will do that to you. On Monday, I sure “got around”….. that is…. with various study locations:






I don’t think I would ever willingly take three finals on the same day ever again. It was brutal, but I sure felt accomplished and relieved afterwards. Last night, I packed up the rest of my stuff and spent the last few hours in my apartment watching trash TV with my roomies. E! has some ridiculous shows nowadays…. like “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” We sure had a laugh at his idiotic comments about his “Lochtourage.”

Despite the mental workouts, physical workouts have definitely been slacking. I haven’t gone to the gym in 4 days and I’m feeling a little terrible. It’s been hard to fall asleep at night because of extra energy. It will be nice to get in a few good workouts before the wedding… including the Capitola Half Marathon on Sunday morning!

This morning, I packed my bedding and bid adieu to junior year at USC.



In a few short hours, I’ll be landed in SJ, and this time I can actually feel relaxed because it’s officially summer. Woo! It will be a fun few days of baking cupcakes (~400 for the wedding), celebrating with family, seeing friends, and watching my mom change her last name!!! I can’t wait. And then work starts on Tuesday and it’s back to the grind. It’s going to be a great summer.

– Nicole

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First Day[s] of School

Posted by Nicole

I’ve officially completed my first two days of school! So far I like all of my classes. It’s going to be a difficult semester, but Lauren always tells me “you thrive with a busy schedule.” Guess that means I’m going to be thriving like CRAZY this semester.


The first day of school started with breakfast at the sorority house. I’m going to try and eat 90% of my meals there because dues are expensive and this way I’m not only paying for friends, right? ;)

Cream cheese toast and an apple. (Side note: my dad used to always make sourdough toast with cream cheese and every time I have cream cheese toast it reminds me him.)


The weather in LA has been beautiful and sunny, but surprisingly cold. I wore my winter jacket today and still felt like I needed gloves. Don’t believe that blue sky.

blue sky usc

Before I talk about my classes, I just need to let our a little rant. USC now has fences that block off the majority of entrances into campus during evenings. Also, past 9 PM, you need to have your student ID for access to campus from the few open gates. Can you believe that? I’m all for safety, but this just strikes me as extreme USC arrogance and efforts to keep locals away from campus. Ugh.


As for my first two classes:

Marketing Analysis and Strategy was amazing. My professor seems extremely experienced; she mentioned that she spends fall semester doing research and then teaches this one class in the spring. This class acts as a mix between case analysis and “job simulation,” and overall seems like the perfect preparation for my future career path. I can’t wait to learn.

Managerial Accounting is a continuation of the accounting class I took last semester. The atmosphere of the class seems pretty average, but we’ll see if it picks up as the year progresses.

I grabbed a late lunch from the sorority house, organized some school stuff, and then went to Monday Night Dinner and chapter for DG. This is the first time I’ve made it to Monday Night Dinner this year because I normally have dance practice. Major kudos to our coach for giving us practice off so we could relax on the first day of school! I took full advantage of actually going to Monday Night Dinner and enjoyed some spaghetti, garlic bread, brownies, and reeses. Yum.


After chapter, Lindsey and I went to go visit the new puppy at my friend’s fraternity. I think every frat should buy a puppy… it’s quite the chick magnet. But seriously, Rex (or 2 Chainz… they are still finalizing the name choice), is the cutest!

IMG_7198 IMG_7203 IMG_7204 IMG_7205 IMG_7206

I’ll be back to visit the little pup often and I might just have to steal him…

I ended my night with a long trip to the gym: 15 mins elliptical, 15 mins bike, 6.25 mile run, 20 min bike cooldown. It was one of those good cardio days.


I started my morning with breakfast at DG again. And again, I had cream cheese toast (not sure when I’ll get sick of this) and 4 egg whites.


Then I had two more classes:

Business Finance might be a struggle because I don’t have a “financial” mind. I’m going to get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and try to cut down on blog-reading and increase the educational reading. That way I can participate in class discussions and try to sound smart. My professor is good, though! That’s always a relief.

Operations Management seems like an interesting class because a lot of success in a company comes from the internal operations. We started class by reading an article about Apple’s operations and I immediately knew that this will be a class I will enjoy.

After class, I got lunch from DG. It’s nice not having to cook!


Plans for the rest of the day are up the air. I don’t have dance practice, so I’ll probably head to the gym at some point. OH, and I have HOMEWORK. It’s welcome back to real life for this girl.

– Nicole

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Final Stretch

Posted by Nicole

Nothing too exciting has happened since Sunday. I’ve managed to only snap photos of studying and random food here-and-there. Sheesh, could I get more boring???!!!

This morning, I woke up at 6 to clear my email/Google reader, browse Pinterest, and finish studying for my astronomy final. I used YouTube video lectures from other universities to review some of the bigger topics (Theories of Relativity, Types of Galaxies, Big Bang Theory, etc.). The internet sure is handy!


I realized I would be more productive if I didn’t have the social medias tempting me, so I took my notes with me to the gym and studied while walking for an hour. Silly ol’ me found a way to get distracted though…….. as in, I actually favored watching ESPN’s Monday Night Football recaps over studying.

Anyways, the final went well! Then I ate lunch, took a one-hour nap, drowsily went to dance practice, learned a new Christmas routine for Thursday night’s game, grabbed dinner from the sorority house, and met up with a friend to study for statistics.


Once he left, I spent a bit longer at the sorority house studying with all my fellow sisters….. oh wait…………..

dg empty

It’s a little hard to focus because 90% of students are done with fall semester finals, but come 10 AM tomorrow, I’ll be done as well! This is the final stretch!

Here’s a random collage of some of the healthier food from the day:


1- I’m kind of obsessed with this veggie juice from Fresh ‘n Easy. It’s getting me excited to use my juicer over break!

2- Greek yogurt and banana… a combination that will never get old. Someday I am going to make this, freeze it, and then eat it (kinda like froyo). Nevermind, who am I kidding… that won’t happen because I lack patience.

3- Dinner from the sorority was deeeeelicious! Broccoli, spring mix and mushrooms, and a piece of amazing pumpkin ricotta spinach lasagna.

Okay, time to hit the hay. I have an alarm set for 5:45 AM, so I can shower, study cram, and rock my 8 AM final!

– Nicole

The Week in Review

Posted by Nicole

Time for some catch-up!

Last Sunday, I decided to walk to the new Downtown Target two miles from my apartment. Just an FYI… never walk to Target because you will buy more than you expect to and have to carry it all back. Next time, I will drive!

After a sweaty walk back from Target, I went to Delta Gamma Presents. This is when each girl from the new pledge classes dresses up in a fancy white dress and is formally “presented” to all of the parents. The active members that went wore black… see if you can find me.

I met my little sis’s parents, uncle, and grandparents- they are from the Bay Area and chatting with them felt like a familiar sense of home. As a congratulations for presents, I baked some classic sugar cookies for my little, and gave them to her as a Monday Night Dinner delivery.

Midterms just will.not.stop. And when all focus fails, I take the studying to the treadmill. Random photo of my favorite snack just for kicks. (Lauren, you have to try these bars, they taste just like PB&J!)

Breakfasts are always my favorite meal of the day. 2 eggs, english muffin with jam — 1 egg, egg whites and kale, english muffin with jam — oatmeal with greek yogurt, PB, and jelly… yum.

On Wednesday night, after listening to the founder of Erin Condren Designs speak at DG, Charlotte and I went to the gym. Yes, I actually convinced a friend to work out with me… and RUN! Unfortunately, Char had to go to a meeting after about 15 minutes at the gym, but I stuck around and managed to run 4 miles.

At dance practice yesterday, we got some more gear just in time for the start of basketball season. We got our warmup sweatsuits, jazz pants, jazz shoes, performance tops, a pair of white Nike Frees (the cheer version, they are shiny!), and our beloved backpacks. I’ve been so excited about getting this beauty:

I celebrated the start of the weekend with a great night out with sorority and dance team friends. There’s just something great about dressing up in costume, dancing with best friends, and taking silly pictures.

The pictures with the Giants bobblehead and the Giants hat were necessary considering they won GAME 2 of the World Series!

This afternoon, I put on some shorts and a tank (it was 85 degrees!) and went to play in the snow. Pi Kapp’s philanthropy, “Winter Wars,” involved snowball fights between each of the sororities. Playing in the fake snow is a lot more fun when it is hot outside. And there was a live penguin!

It’s been a great week, and here is to a great weekend! Hopefully I’ll get a long run in…

– N