Goodbye Jackson Street Apartment, Speakeasy, Volleyball, Sharks!


Posted by Lauren

The past weekend was awesome! Lots to review!

Let’s start after my (short) run + Philz coffee pickup.

Kyle and I drove up to San Francisco to say goodbye to Krizia’s apartment. Krish and her roommates are all moving out and my heart is silently breaking. :( So many memories in that apartment!! For example:

Ari, Krish, and Colleen had a big brunch spread and mimosas ready to go when we arrived…


We quickly made our way up to the roof to soak it in one last time…



These three girls are amazing. Jackson Street will miss them.


Krizia – I am really grateful that you have allowed me to invade your space on so many occasions. You even made me a key before Kyle did!! HAHA! You always have a fresh towel for me, highwater pajama pants I can borrow, always offer me water before bed / coffee in the morning, and you let me cuddle with you after we talk late into the night. Seriously you are the best and THANK YOU!

* * *

Kyle and I left around 3 pm to get to South SF for a brewery tour at…

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

1195 Evans Ave, San Francisco


The tour was maybe 30 minutes long? Since Kyle’s brewed a few times and we’ve toured many breweries, I’ve realized that I don’t care so much about how the beer is made. I do care about the history of the brewery and our tour guide gave us a nice run down of their history. Ex. The tap room used to accept poker-style coins in exchange for beer!



After the tour, you get 4 tastings. We maximized the menu by getting all 8 tastes… my favorite was the Informant (saison).


You also leave with a growler of you beer of choice! Pretty sweet deal.


We left the brewery and headed south back to Palo Alto to watch my cousin play in the MPSF Quarter-Final Men’s Volleyball game (#5 UC Irvine @ #3 Stanford). He plays for UCI as a middle blocker.


There he is jumping in the air!


And again spiking (blocking?) the volleyball!


The game was INTENSE. In the word’s of our aunt Cori: “Not the ending we wanted, but fans got their money’s worth on this one, as it was an even battle with a “razor thin” margin in the 5th set tiebreaker. First game 30-28 was a thriller on its own!”


Sunday morning I had intentions of shopping and working, but then I realized it was Easter Sunday (no shopping) and I left my charger at work (so I went and picked it up).


After a few hours on the computer, I pulled myself outside for a 4 mile run, looping by the Stanford track so I could drink H2O at the water fountain.


Slow-ish. Hard-ish. I really don’t have stamina anymore :(


At 6:30, our friends Kit and Adrienne came over to watch the Sharks vs. Kings game. We had tacos al pastor, guac, and the best ever Mi Pueblo salsas. Addicted.


Between the 2nd and 3rd period we walked downtown for froyo. The Dairy Queen commercials between plays really hooked us in :)


I’m BEYOND EXCITED that the Sharks won game 2. Not only did they “win” – they also created quite some momentum going into game 3 (the first away game of the series).


Between game 1 and 2, they had 11 unique players score. We are so diverse :)

It was a great weekend overall and I can’t wait for next weekend…..

stagecoach lineup


Happy Birthday Nicole!! and no more squeaks


Posted by Lauren


First of all, I’ve got to put an official HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister up on the blog. Nicole and I are really close, sometimes I think we’re identical twins and sometimes I feel like we couldn’t be any more different. She’s super smart, quick-witted, an amazing dancer, compassionate, driven, and so generous (if I ask her for favors she’s always got my back and I owe her big time for that). When we were little, my mom gave us shirts that said “God made us sisters, Love made us friends” – I’m honored to call her my best friend AND sister. Some people aren’t close with their siblings and I couldn’t imagine how boring that would be!! Love you Nicole, happy birthday!!

* * *

Interesting moments from this week (how Marketo of me to think of the week in terms of “interesting moments”)

We bottled our home brew! Kyle and I made a Columbus IPA and it’s been sitting in our closet doing beer-science-stuff for approx 2 weeks. On Tuesday night we set up a bottling assembly line. Visit us in 2 weeks and you can sample our potentially delicious, potentially not-so-good IPAs!


Wednesday night I incline walked on the treadmill for 3 miles while watching Made in Chelsea season 6. I wish my style icon Caggie would come back, but I’m sufficiently entertained with Lucy, Jamie, Spencer, and Binky. Around 8 pm, Kyle and I walked downtown for pancakes at Crepevine. I love this little late-night-pancake-splitsies tradition of ours.


Swedish oatmeal with berry compote…. heck yes!

Thursday night I finally had a decent run on my treadmill. In the spirit of total honesty, here’s what’s been going on lately:

  1. From early February til now, the TM was SO ANNOYINGLY SQUEAKY. Like, unbearable. I would only last 0.2 miles before hopping off. I moved the machine left, right, up, down. I tried landing hard, soft, front, back. Nothing worked….
  2. Running mojo was nowhere to be found :(


To fix the squeaks, we picked up WD40 and blasted all the screws and moving parts. Finally, it doesn’t squeak!

And, I’ve got a nice little set up with my computer + new speakers (that black box) so I can actually hear what I’m watching. The towel trick = props to Janae for sharing that one! This space is coming together… just in time because…

mojo austin powers

It feels like my running mojo is coming back. (Good timing considering I have the D.C. Rock n Roll half next weekend!?!!)

After 5 miles + Made in Chelsea, I blended up a green smoothie. Kyle was confused when I poured the smoothie into my ice cream bowl.


Friday I slept through Bar Method class (whoops) so I ran instead. 4.5 miles, Made in Chelsea, blog reading… so relaxing.


Friday afternoon we had an offsite happy hour at Steins… I avoided the tequila shots and enjoyed the beer, truffle fries, and lamb meatballs. That’s happy :) The weather was out-of-control beautiful. I can’t wait for Spring + SUMMER!


Later that night (after taking a power nap :) Kyle and I walked to NOLA’s to meet up with a few coworkers.


By the end of the work week all I want to do is fall asleep at 9 pm so I’m proud of myself for staying awake and being social.

Weekend time! Have a good one!


The fate of a TBD post


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Here’s a typical work day in a nutshell:

Wake Up > Bar Method >
Work > Home > Skip my┬áRun (boo, I’m so weak) >
Watch TV & Do “home” Work >
… Somehow it’s like 1:15 am… (??) >
Get in Bed > Open up the WordPress app >
Add photos to a new post, call it “TBD” and then BOOM! I can’t keep my eyes open any more.

Those “TBD” posts sit in my draft folder all week.

You’d think I could find 20 minutes to open up the draft post and type a few words, but nope! I’ll try to get better, promise :)



So here’s one of those TBD posts.

Last Saturday, I grabbed Starbucks after Bar Method. I think that’s an accidental tradition. When I got home I did a little walk/run action while watching Hulu.


The highlight of the weekend was dinner at my high school bff Natalie’s house. She was in town from LA, so naturally a dinner party was in order!



Sarah and Natalie prepped the table, while Nat’s mom Cindy finished preparing our delicious dinner.


Lemon pepper green beans will always remind of Cindy!! The bbq brisket was absolutely perfect. Plus, you can’t go wrong with cornbread.


3 of the 5 Party of Fivers (you know your group in high school had a name, don’t deny it)



Cindy knows the way to my heart… MUD PIE!!!!!! Her recipe is so freaking good.

Sunday I woke up for an early Bar class, otherwise I would have slept til like….. 1 pm. Then I hopped on the treadmill for an easy 3 miles. I really wish running wasn’t so difficult for me these days. Where’s my running mojo? :(


Kyle and I made an impromptu date decision that afternoon.

1. Grab a BLT+A sandwich from the deli across from Sunset Magazine HQ.


2. Drive to Half Moon Bay’s Nebbia Winery.


3. Get the wine tasting and enjoy free bocce outside in the sunshine.


4. On the way home, stop at a fish market + pick up supplies for “sushi”.

5. Watch more House of Cards in the middle of the day. OMG getting so gooooood.


6. Make tuna + habachi + avocado + tomato + cilantro ceviche.


7. Watch the Olympics + eat more tuna sashimi.


8. Top it off with dessert crepes!


Monday was awesome because it started out with 7 am Bar, a lazy visit to Starbucks, grocery shopping, and then this vibrant green smoothie (it’s finally warm enough where these sound appetizing again). Oh! And we had the day off from work! :)


To celebrate, Kyle and I brewed a batch of beer. Hopefully this IPA turns out ok… we’ll find out in 4 weeks or so.


When Kyle went to his Monday night soccer game, I found motivation from whoknowswhere to run around on the treadmill through about 2 episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine. (ran through ep one, walked through ep two, and then ran the first few minutes of ep 3.)


The rest of my work week was pretty standard, highlights being the after work happy hour on Wednesday and date night on Thursday with Kyle (dim sum + more House of Cards).

Until next time… (Or until the next TBD post finally gets posted)


Ice cream sandwiches, brownies at 8 am, the usual.


Posted by Lauren

This Monday I’ve got the day off from work in honor of Presidents Day. Yay! I didn’t open my work computer at all on Saturday or Sunday – that hasn’t happened in…. uh…. a while. It felt really good to disconnect and spend more time with Kyle, Netflix, and my treadmill. Ha :) I’ll save the weekend update for next post, instead I want to recap last week…


From Jan 20 thru Feb 16 the Bar Method studio I go to was having a challenge. Take 12 classes, you get X% off, take 16 classes, you get Y% off. That kind of thing. The ultimate prize (a t-shirt haha) comes at the 20 class mark. Last week I was at 16 and I *think* I made it to 20… I’ll keep you posted :)

I’ve been loving Bar Method in the mornings before work Mon/Wed/Fri and I was stoked to see them start offering 7 am classes on Tuesday and Thursday as well. This week I had to take a few lunchtime classes since 8 am meetings took priority. I’m just happy that I’m consistently working out and getting a little “me” time. Now, I just need to find my running legs. Where have they gone??? Sad.


Adding granola makes plain Cheerios so much more palatable. I love that Costa Rica BFF coffee mug!!

The week progressed as usual … until Thursday. My mom had a routine colonoscopy in Palo Alto and I was the lucky one to pick her up and take her out to an early dinner :)


She requested a trip to Joya, one of the fancier restaurants on University Ave. Um, yes please! We kept it light and just split the tapas appetizer. If you know anything about a colonoscopy, you know that you’re A: really hungry from not eating for 2 days and B: a little bloated from the air insufflation.


Like mother like daughter, we were craving something sweet after our tapas platter. I’ve looked for an excuse to indulge in Cream‘s famous ice cream sandwiches, and this was it. The line is usually a million miles long, but we were able to walk right in and order. Score. I’m intimidated by the size (hello, calories!) and options/possibilities (10! * 20! *10! = 3.2*10^31 and that calculation doesn’t even include the V/GF cookies!!!!) but don’t worry I made up my mind. Feast your eyes on this:


Snickerdoodle cookie > Cookie Dough ice cream > Peanut Butter cookie

WOW. Still not as good as Cindy’s homemade ICS, but pretty freaking yummy.

As if that wasn’t enough sugar for one 24 hour period, Friday morning at 8 am we had a brownie decorating competition/social at work. In honor of Valentines Day, we grouped into teams and decorated large brownies with our company logo. With cheesy love music blasting, our St. Louis office was up on the conference screen decorating cookies in their office.


Our CEO judged the final projects and awarded a winner in both MTV and STL. Then, we picked names from a hat and made anonymous valentines for someone else in the office. We’re so cute.


Here’s a little Instagram video summary (p.s. sometimes the video embed only works on feedly?):

Valentines Day night was very relaxed. Kyle and I walked down the street to CPK and split the “special” (1 app, 2 entrees, 1 dessert). Our first date, which was on Valentines Day, was at the CPK in SLO. Throwback Date!


After the lettuce wraps, pizza, and bbq chicken salad, we were stuffed! I made as much room for the Red Velvet Cake as I could… what a trooper.


We’re nearing the six year mark, I can barely believe it… so glad this smartypants goofball is mine :)


Hope your Valentines Day was a hit!

Raise your hand if you ended the night with House of Cards! **raises hand**