8 weeks ago….


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8 weeks ago…. I just stopped blogging for no good reason at all.

It was just before the Stagecoach country music festival in Palm Springs. I had a great time with a few of my favorite college girlfriends and fell in love with cowboy boots…












The following week, Kyle’s parents came to town (more on that later!) and I pretended to be a news anchor for a spoof video my company put together….




Then I saw this really good deal on peanut butter (this is something blogger Lauren circa 2010 would care about so I’m including it)….


Meanwhile, Kyle and I kept up our weekly date nights with stuff like spicy Indian food at Darbar and a night at the theatre (watching a play put on by two of my high school friends (so talented!!))




Speaking of high school friends, the next chronological thing in my iPhone Camera App is this lovely photo of two high school besties (Nat and Sarah) after we had dinner at Nat’s house (thank you Cin!)



And then…. IT HAPPENED.

Don’t freak out. Nicole and I didn’t decide to move to Canada or anything….

I’m talking about Pulse 2014, one of the defining moments for the Customer Success Industry.



Sorry, I’ll stop being dramatic.

Our company’s annual conference was a big success this year, and I couldn’t be more proud of the team I’m a part of, the company, and everyone else who helped make it so amazing….







1 day later I was on a plane to LAX for Nicole’s graduation weekend (more on that later). Spoiler alert: it was awesome and Nicole is my hero.



The following weekend (Memorial Day) I went to Austin for Katie’s bachelorette party. (Also, more on that later!!!)



Next up? Hair color, random San Jose reunion with college buddies, and a trip with my mom and David to San Diego for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon (totally want to do a full recap on that trip – eep! Lots to catch up on!)






That brings us to the beginning of June, aka my favorite month of the year :)

We exhibited at Zuora’s conference and then enjoyed a small team dinner in the Mission….




Subsequently, Kyle and I had two nearly back-to-back dates in SF. One at the fancy-ish Sutro’s (Cliff House) during Dine About Town and the other at Mission Bowling for “Booze, Brunch, and Bowling” a la howaboutwe….









Between those two fabulous dates, I enjoyed a long hike with Nicole after work AND celebrated summer with all of Gainsight at our first Field Day event!






(We are almost up to date, folks!)

BBQ oysters (those suckers are hard to open, even with a screwdriver) at Kit/Adrienne’s BBQ two weeks ago….


Sister lunch date (soooo happy she’s back home, for good!)


Happy hour on Friday with Serra, Nicole, and my mom….



A kickass wedding in Hollister this past Saturday (congrats Darren and Kitra!)




And then a lovely Sunday BBQ to celebrate Father’s Day….



If you can’t tell by now, one of my most favorite extracurricular activities is enjoying every last second of my weekends. Want to know what’s next for my birthday weekend in 5 days?


It’s been a while but if you made it this far, thank you for reading :) I’ll be back soon! I think I found my mojo….


Weekend in Occidental


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Saturday morning, and I’ve been sucked into the ABC Family Harry Potter marathon. Sounds about right.


I began my day with an awesome 9 am Bar class (great thigh set today!) and as soon as I’ve posted this I’ll try to squeeze in a quick run before my friend Sam’s BBQ.


Friday night I had the best, casual treadmill run while watching 2.5 episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine. If only it was always that easy to lose track of time.


After the run, Kyle and I walked downtown to pick up food (me=frozen yogurt) and stopped at RedBox to pick up American Hustle.


I’m so happy all the oscar nominated flicks are out! AH was so good, especially loved the scene of Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper at the disco. We are now calling our microwave a “science oven”.


Let’s talk about last weekend’s road trip to Tomales Bay / Bodega Bay / Occidental. We left around 9am and drove 1 hr 45 mins north to the cute coastal town of Marshall. We parked near The Marshall Store and ordered 6 BBQ oysters and a cup of chowder to compliment the leftover pizza we brought along from home.


The views were great and the oysters were HUUUGE.



We got back in the car and drove another hour north to Kortum Trail north of Bodega Bay.


Again, spectacular views!!!




After ~6 miles of walking/hiking, we drove inland to Occidental. We passed through the town of Bodega and saw the church in Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Kinda cool!


We stayed at an amazing AirBnB “Redwood Retreat in Wine Country” for $90/night. “Nesetled in a redwood forest… the room is steps away from an outside hot tub, deck, and creek… free wi-fi and no television or cell service… birds, foxes and rabbits also share the property… driveway is 1/3 of a mile long” Need I say more?


We hung out at the AirBnB, read for a little bit, and then got ready for dinner in Occidental.


Bistro Des Copains

3782 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental

This cozy cottage serves French fare with fresh foods found in the local farmers markets. It’s highly rated on Yelp and really only one of 2 dinner options in town. Kyle treated me to a very nice 6-year anniversary dinner!

Crème Brulée aux Champignons Mushroom – crème brulée in mushroom broth

A savory creme brulee sounded pretty unique, and we love all things mushroom, so we gave this starter a go. The best spoonfuls had some of the crispy top, part of the gooey middle, and a coating of the mushroom broth. We soaked up all of the tasty mushroom broth with the basket of bread.

Lapin à la Moutarde – Braised Cloverdale rabbit, braised greens, butter noodles, mustard sauce

OMG. This dish! We literally licked the plate clean. Kyle (who has never been a fan of mustard) loved it as much as I did, despite the Moutarde :) The rabbit and butter noodles just melted in your mouth. LOVED IT.

Trout dish… not listed online anymore!

I really wish the details were on their website for this dish! I loved the risotto and capers and the trout was as rich as salmon. We agreed, however, that the rabbit was the star of the show.

After dinner we walked up the street to the other restaurant downtown for some drinks…


Barley & Hops

3688 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental

I had wine with dinner, so I continued that trend and ordered the house wine. Kyle had a few of their beers while we listened to the live music and watched NCAA!


Oh, and we ordered dessert of course!! Cinnamon sugar-coated pretzel filled with Ghirardelli chocolate. Warm and gooey :)



We woke up ready for a big breakfast (because who isn’t??). The **only** place to get breakfast in Occidental is

Howard Station Cafe

3611 Bohemain Hwy, Occidental

It’s the only place to go because it’s the best place to go (ok, and it’s the only thing open). They’ve been voted “Best Breakfast” for like 5 years or something and the place has a lot of old school charm with a long history tied to the railroads. We waited about 15 minutes for a table (along with half the town) and were seated quickly. Kyle chose the eggs benedict with chipotle sauce and I picked the blueberry pancakes. We split the two (both delicious) and headed back home…


It was a terrific getaway weekend!


Happy Birthday Nicole!! and no more squeaks


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First of all, I’ve got to put an official HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister up on the blog. Nicole and I are really close, sometimes I think we’re identical twins and sometimes I feel like we couldn’t be any more different. She’s super smart, quick-witted, an amazing dancer, compassionate, driven, and so generous (if I ask her for favors she’s always got my back and I owe her big time for that). When we were little, my mom gave us shirts that said “God made us sisters, Love made us friends” – I’m honored to call her my best friend AND sister. Some people aren’t close with their siblings and I couldn’t imagine how boring that would be!! Love you Nicole, happy birthday!!

* * *

Interesting moments from this week (how Marketo of me to think of the week in terms of “interesting moments”)

We bottled our home brew! Kyle and I made a Columbus IPA and it’s been sitting in our closet doing beer-science-stuff for approx 2 weeks. On Tuesday night we set up a bottling assembly line. Visit us in 2 weeks and you can sample our potentially delicious, potentially not-so-good IPAs!


Wednesday night I incline walked on the treadmill for 3 miles while watching Made in Chelsea season 6. I wish my style icon Caggie would come back, but I’m sufficiently entertained with Lucy, Jamie, Spencer, and Binky. Around 8 pm, Kyle and I walked downtown for pancakes at Crepevine. I love this little late-night-pancake-splitsies tradition of ours.


Swedish oatmeal with berry compote…. heck yes!

Thursday night I finally had a decent run on my treadmill. In the spirit of total honesty, here’s what’s been going on lately:

  1. From early February til now, the TM was SO ANNOYINGLY SQUEAKY. Like, unbearable. I would only last 0.2 miles before hopping off. I moved the machine left, right, up, down. I tried landing hard, soft, front, back. Nothing worked….
  2. Running mojo was nowhere to be found :(


To fix the squeaks, we picked up WD40 and blasted all the screws and moving parts. Finally, it doesn’t squeak!

And, I’ve got a nice little set up with my computer + new speakers (that black box) so I can actually hear what I’m watching. The towel trick = props to Janae for sharing that one! This space is coming together… just in time because…

mojo austin powers

It feels like my running mojo is coming back. (Good timing considering I have the D.C. Rock n Roll half next weekend!?!!)

After 5 miles + Made in Chelsea, I blended up a green smoothie. Kyle was confused when I poured the smoothie into my ice cream bowl.


Friday I slept through Bar Method class (whoops) so I ran instead. 4.5 miles, Made in Chelsea, blog reading… so relaxing.


Friday afternoon we had an offsite happy hour at Steins… I avoided the tequila shots and enjoyed the beer, truffle fries, and lamb meatballs. That’s happy :) The weather was out-of-control beautiful. I can’t wait for Spring + SUMMER!


Later that night (after taking a power nap :) Kyle and I walked to NOLA’s to meet up with a few coworkers.


By the end of the work week all I want to do is fall asleep at 9 pm so I’m proud of myself for staying awake and being social.

Weekend time! Have a good one!


Salad + Work Fun


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I ate this tasty salad for lunch… shredded collard greens, broccoli slaw, red pepper, pepperoncini, great northern beans, shredded chicken + TJ’s goddess dressing.


It might be my favorite lunch I’ve ever “made” at work – fresh and simple.

Last night I had the same thing + cheerios + chocolate chips + 2 Girl Scout cookies. All I want to do at night is snack, snack, snack. How do people break that habit…?


But, no more salad pictures. Instead I want to brag a little bit about how much I love where I work. We had “mandatory fun” last week which manifested itself as super professional karaoke. I mean, look at the knobs!


Our CEO and Chief Customer Officer kicked things off with their rendition of Grease’s Summer Lovin’. Things escalated as coworkers powered through Ke$ha, Eminem, What the Fox Says, Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys, and other classics.


Seriously, SO FUN! (Even fun if you’re terrified of singing ::cough::)

We also found a way to copy Ellen’s infamous selfie tweet, when we received news of our story in Entrepreneur Magazine.


And as if 50+ hours / week with these people isn’t enough…. we partied together last Friday night in San Francisco under the guise of our coworker’s (2nd) (unofficial) Bachelor party. Things kicked off at Mas Sake!




Awww Marketing Team <3 – Me, Sam, Joe, AK

…. and the sales guys / girl …


…. a few of the other ladies at Stock & Trade


We had a great night, fueled by sake + cider bombs. Side note: Have you tried sake with cider? Yum!

The other day I fixed our toilet at work. A screw came loose on the flush lever so I opened it up and screwed it back in place. While washing my hands I thought to myself how amazing it is to work at a startup. At a bigger company, I’d just shrug it off and expect it to fix itself. But (no pun intended)… at our office, with it’s two-stall bathroom, that just doesn’t cut it. Every single person has to pitch in and every single person has a crucial role in our path to success.

K, that was random. Basically the little things make me happy :)