Musical Monday #5: EDM


Posted by Nicole

Happy April and Happy April Fool’s Day! Today’s Musical Monday songs are no joke though, I really do love them.

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I’ve been on a bit of an EDM streak lately. These are a few recent faves- some new and some old.

Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas feat. Iggy Azalea – Beat Down

If there is one song you listen to from this week’s set, definitely listen to this one! It’s the perfect mix of rap/electric and I can’t get enough.

Dog Blood – Middle Finger (The M Machine Remix)

Dog Blood is the new collaboration between Skrillex and Boys Noize. This was the opening song from the Ultra set and it’s awesome. You can definitely tell that each artist contributed their individual style- a bit of dubstep and a bit of house.

Afrojack and Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer – No Beef

This is an old favorite. The first time I heard this song was when it was remixed with Calvin Harris’ Feel So Close. I still can’t decide if it is better as an original mix or remixed. You can judge for yourself. (PS: Now I really want to go back to the Marquee after watching that music video.)

Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko – Stay (Bass King vs. X-Vertigo Remix)

This song was part of Tiesto’s Club Life that I mentioned in a previous Musical Monday.  Skip to 0:37 for an awesome remix of this Rihanna hit.

Major Lazer – Get Free Feat. Amber Of The Dirty Projectors (Blood Diamonds Remix)

This new Major Lazer track is a slow EDM track with a bit of an indie vibe. It obnoxious house music isn’t your thing, you will probably still like this one.

I hope you enjoy at least one of these. They definitely make for some good workout jamzzzz.

– Nicole

Question: What are you listening to lately?

Vegas: Nicole’s Perspective


Posted by Nicole

(Lauren and I were both in Las Vegas this weekend and we are each going to share our perspectives.)

Holy cow. A lot has happened since I drove home on Thursday afternoon. I took a midterm and a quiz, then I hit the road. At home, I started some laundry and went for a sunset run with my mom and her fiance.


I hung out with friends Thursday night and spontaneously decided to make a hefty purchase.


I would not suggest buying a plane ticket to Vegas 9 hours before the plane is set to take off… but sometimes spontaneity takes over. (Or vodka?)

Anyways, my friends Jessi and Jamie were conveniently on the same flight to Las Vegas. We started our morning with some drinks and went for round two on the plane.




80 short long minutes later, we reached Sin City!


We grabbed a cab to Treasure Island, and I took a short nap while Jessi gambled with some of her college friends. Then we walked to MGM Grand and met up with some friends for a while. At 9, Jessi and I quickly changed into our dresses and cabbed over to the Cosmopolitan. We had exciting plans to go to the Marquee to see Benny Benassi.


It’s crazy how many people were in Vegas this weekend! I ran into my friends Lindsey and Marisa in the Cosmo lobby.


The two dance team captains were also in Vegas… and so was my friend Cambria. So much fun!!! The 6 of us went into the Marquee and danced for hours on end.


Benny Benassi was amazing. I’ll never forget that night! (Thanks for letting me borrow the dress, sis!)





At about 2, Jessi and I met up with some of our guy friends that were gambling at the Bellagio. We eventually made it to bed at 4, while the guys went out and continued gambling till 8. I don’t know how they did it!

In the morning, I met up with Lauren and convinced her to hang out with me all day and night ;) A bowl of oatmeal and a few shots of Jameson later, we walked from the Elara to Treasure Island.


We changed into our swimsuits and got about an hour of sun (and I luckily got a 20 minute nap). I forgot sunscreen, so our pool trip was short-lived. It was okay though, because we wanted lunch! We said adios to the pool and hello to some delicious pho. Lauren took pictures… I did not. No food pictures this weekend.


That night, we lounged around watching basketball and then rallied for another wild night.


Beer, shots, and snacks fueled us for the night at Tryst. The spontaneous party-bus to the club was the perfect kick-off.







There was a DJ and then Jermaine Dupri took over. It was packed! It was nice to dance to rap music because the night before was EDM/house.



We left at about 2, made some pizza, and crashed. I woke up snuggling with my sis at 10, and quickly packed up my stuff because I had a flight to catch.

I met up with my friend Jamie and his buddies for lunch. Then we went to the airport, slept the entire flight, and I made a healthy dinner back at the house.

photo (49)

Sweet potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, spinach and beet salad, and spanish rice. And lots and lots of water. Sooo good. I’m hoping for a good nights sleep tonight so I am rested for a run/hike tomorrow. Time to lounge around and watch Hulu.

Thanks to all my friends and my sista for making this a great weekend!

– Nicole

Musical Monday #4: Duets

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Posted by Nicole

Although I listen to a lot of fast rap/dancing/house/EDM music, I do enjoy alternative music as well. There’s something about songs with male/female duets that makes them extra special. This is made obvious by my love for The xx… you guys already know that.

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For this week’s Musical Monday, I’m going to share some of my favorite songs with both male and female singers. I have a lot of favorites like this, but here are 5 for today. Enjoy!

The Postal Service – Nothing Better

Plus 44 – Make You Smile

Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons – Hazy

Andre 3000 feat. Norah Jones – Take Off Your Cool

Feist feat. Ben Gibbard – Train Song

Happy listening! (PS- Lauren, these should all be safe for work, unlike last week’s music selection.)

– Nicole

Question: Do you have a favorite male/female duet song or group?

I loooove Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová (aka The Swell Season).  They are so talented.

Musical Monday #3: Pasadena RnR Music

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Posted by Nicole

Being someone that loves music, I look forward to working out so I can have some alone time with my jams.

At the race yesterday, I put together a quick playlist before the race. My phone got messed up and taken off of shuffle, so I actually only ended up listening to five songs. That works perfectly for Musical Monday though :)

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Tiësto’s Club Life podcast #302 (Jan. 14, 2013)

Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar – Thinking About You

Lil Wayne ft. Big Sean – My Homies Still


Tyga feat. Nicki Minaj – Muthaf*cka Up

Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk 

After this song, it accidentally looped back to Tiesto’s mix. This wasn’t a problem with me, because it’s a good mix that is still new-to-me.

Overall, my songs of choice are not the newest songs, but definitely good ones to get the pace up.

Happy listening!

– Nicole