Highlights of the past 7 days

Posted by Nicole

Lazy blog recap coming at ya…

Last Tuesday I met my dad, stepmom, and stepsis for lunch. Afterwards, we bought new curtains for my room and my handyman dad installed them.


My little room looks so much better now!


Last Wednesday, Ashley and I did the typical LA thing and went to hike Runyon Canyon. The Hollywood sign was in the background and can kind of be seen on one of the far middle hills in the picture below.


The view the other direction looked out over Downtown LA. It was beautiful and there were so many dogs on the trail… like at least 50 dogs. We loved it.


Last Thursday, I drove to Glendora to visit my grandpa, uncle, and cousin. I got there before my dad and went on a nice 4 mile run/walk. I ran over to the Easley Estates and loved looking at the giant houses.  We used to walk by these houses when I was a kid and I swear the neighborhood was much bigger when I was a kid! It’s crazy how places seem to get smaller when you grow up.


Just one of the gorgeous homes…


Later in the day, my stepsis joined me and the cutest dog for a walk.


We found a long driveway and hiked up into some private property to look out over the town. It was quite the view.


There was a huge fire a few weeks ago and the damage was so sad :( We were lucky that our grandpa’s house made it through the nearby fire.


We refueled our walk with some Carls Jr milkshakes… yum.


Friday was a relaxing day. Didn’t do much except a women’s basketball game and then girls’ night with friends.

On Saturday, my friends and I kept the weekly club tradition alive and headed out to Hollywood for the night. Of course my picture in the dim clubbed turn out so well.


Sunday morning was an early one because we had a women’s game at noon… which means getting ready at 8 AM. After the game, Nika and I got Starbucks and did some work on campus. I haven’t been on campus in a few weeks (except the gym), so it was nice to be back on the beautiful campus.



Monday and Tuesday = work and dance practice. Today was our last full-team practice of the season. SO MANY EMOTIONS.


That’s about all that has been going on! Check back laterrrrrr

– Nicole

Valentines/Presidents Weekend


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This weekend was a busy, but FUN one.

Thursday (what I consider the “first” day of the weekend) was a busy day. I worked for a couple hours, went to the gym, and then got ready for the men’s basketball game vs. Utah. Pregame popcorn is a win.


The game was out by 10 pm and it was perfect time to meet up with friends for a night out. It’s always so convenient having hair and makeup done for the night. I’ve also gotten used to living in red lipstick ha.


I went to my first big frat party of the semester (feelin’ a little too old for these nowadays) and it was actually very fun. I saw a lot of familiar faces and my ridiculous coral pants sure fit in with the Valentine’s theme.


If only free ragers with great music, dancing, and company existed after college… they are way too fun.


Ashley and I kicked off our single’s awareness day on Friday morning with a much needed walk to get breakfast.


I hung out with some dance girls, took a nap, and eventually rallied for our Valentine’s night out. We decided to go to DBA, the club in Hollywood, again.


Flag pictures are a must, especially for Presidents Weekend!


We had a little photoshoot before letting Joe hop in the pic with us.


The club had a masquerade theme with complimentary masks at the entrance. Free stuff is always the best.


The club entertainers were a hit once again. Ash danced with one of them and I quickly snapped a pic. They are crazy about photos in the club… trying to keep it all ~*mysterious*~ for first-timers.


After the late night out, I managed to wake up super motivated to workout on Saturday. After taking two weeks off in January, it has been SO nice having my workout mojo back. I went to the gym and ran 4.25 miles and then went on the spin bike for an hour while catching up on my Feedly. It felt gooooood. I relaxed for the rest of the day, watched the All Star Dunk Contest (disappointing, huh?), and then went to see a friend of a friend’s band perform in West Hollywood. The band was very good!


On Sunday I woke up and went to this pretty place.


Then I went home, had lunch, and went for a quick run around my neighborhood. It was super hot outside and my legs felt like lead, but I pushed through and that’s what matters.


A quick shower and blowdry and I was headed to yet another basketball game. It’s crazy to think that we only have 4 more home games before the PAC-12 Tournament in Vegas!!


I’m obsessed with the wonderful girls on this team… I just can’t say it enough.


This game was an exciting one (even though our team lost) because my dad, stepmom, and stepsis were in attendance. Afterwards, we grabbed a late dinner at Panini Cafe in Downtown LA. Their food is SO GOOD and I’m glad everyone approved of their meals. My falafel wrap and romaine avocado salad sure hit the spot.


The rest of my night was spent relaxing in bed and watching House of Cards… I am hooked! I just started Season 2 and will probably finish it up in a few days.

Monday was my day to run errands before the week really started. I went to the grocery store and then to the Beverly Center to shop a little bit use an expiring gift card. Then I went to the gym and did my two favorite cardios: spin bike (40 mins) and running (3.25 miles). Kicking my butt at the gym has been awesome. Tomorrow I am supposed to grab lunch with the folks in Hollywood and on Thursday I’m going to visit my grandpa & family in East LA.

I hope your weekend was filled with a good balance of fun and rest. Time for a short week!

– Nicole



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So after 16 (!!!!) days of not blogging, it’s due time for a catch-up post. Time to recap what I’ve been up to lately… or at least what I have captured in photos. Fyi, it’s lots of basketball, dancing, and hanging with friends… so the usual!

I just got home from watching the Warriors game with my good friend Natty. He is so kind and lets me come over to watch [almost] every single game.  Frikken’ King James and the Heat.. they were too good.


I went and hiked Hollywood earlier today. This hike will never get old! This week’s weather started out rainy, but jumped up to 80+ degrees today.


I saw what looked like a photoshoot and geeked out at how “LA” the situation was.


I haven’t been doing too much running lately, but it was nice to run 3.5 miles of today’s journey.


Yesterday night, I went to my first ever Lakers game with a good friend from home. It was interesting to see the different color scheme in the Staples Center compared to a Clippers game.


The Lakers lost to the Utah Jazz (I know…..), but at least the Laker Girls were entertaining! 4 routines per game is very impressive and I loved their sparkly bra/skirt outfits.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.45.40 PM

Speaking of dancing, we two big “crosstown rivalry” games on Saturday — UCLA women’s game in the afternoon and UCLA men’s game at night. There is always a double-header  each season and it was exciting that this year’s was versus UCLA.


We did some awesome new routines and it was so exciting to see the Galen Center more full than usual. The crowd’s energy always helps pump us up for our performances.


With our coach after the long 12 hour day….


I got a pre-game warmup the night before at DBA in Hollywood. This club describes itself as “A raw space brought alive by the artists and personalities inhabiting it each season. Blurring the lines between art & commerce, the venue is designed to function as cabaret, dance club, and interactive gallery space.”


There were various “acts” of partner masquerade dancing and other weird shenanigans. One of my goals for my last few months in LA is to explore some of the awesome nightlife that LA has to offer (Mom, aren’t you glad my priorities are set right?). I’d say I’m off to a good start!



I even had some Cristal and of course had to document the moment that reminded me of my awesome 21st! That stuff is liquid gold.


Kind of random, but I also went home briefly two weeks ago. Highlights of the quick trip home included getting coffee/catching up with my bff Marisa, having a busy work day and lunch date with Lauren, and getting some ridiculously cheap produce on my drive back. 3 lbs of oranges for $1… can’t beat that.




Clearly, nothing too crazy has been going on lately. This weekend is sure to be a fun one because I am celebrating Valentine’s Day with my girls, dancing at a few bball games, and my dad/stepmom/stepsis will be visiting on Sunday.

Write back later, hopefully not 16 days from now!

- Nicole

Another Great Weekend


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This weekend was definitely one for the books. I slept in Saturday and joined Nika at the gym for her zumba class. This was her first time officially teaching at the gym and she rocked it. There were a ton of students there, not just the two of us like the picture suggests haha. After zumba, we soaked our legs in the jacuzzi because we were both ridiculously sore from climbing stairs. Then I convinced her to get froyo with me. This has become a really bad (but really, really good) habit of ours. On the walk back to my apartment, my friend Natty asked if I wanted to take Rex for a walk with him. Of course I had to see my favorite lil guy.


I spent the next few hours relaxing… took a great two hour nap, did a bit of work, and then got dolled up for the night out. Nika and I went over to Ashley’s for the pre-party bus-party and took some photos before the night got a little crazy.




The party bus was lots of fun! We got to Bootsybellows and there was a super long line, but luckily we were able to cut past the people waiting.


The inside was pretty nice – I was expecting a bigger club like Vegas style, but it was still a good size. When the club got a little too crowded and we all got a little too tired, we took the bus back. It was a much more mellow ride back… lots of Drake and a lot less dancing.

I was happy to be in bed before 4 because I had a pretty early wakeup call for a basketball game on Sunday. We met up at noon to get ready for the USC vs. Stanford men’s game. The game was very close and entertaining, but when it went into overtime our team just fell too far behind and couldn’t catch up.

My aunt and a couple good friends came to the game so that also made the game more exciting.



It was nice to see our old dance captain after the game! I’m hoping to go visit her in San Diego sometime soon so we can party at the House of Blues like old times!


It was definitely a great weekend, as they all are lately. Can’t wait to read about Lauren’s weekend trip to Groveland [[trying to convince her to blog haha]].

– Nicole