Ice cream sandwiches, brownies at 8 am, the usual.


Posted by Lauren

This Monday I’ve got the day off from work in honor of Presidents Day. Yay! I didn’t open my work computer at all on Saturday or Sunday – that hasn’t happened in…. uh…. a while. It felt really good to disconnect and spend more time with Kyle, Netflix, and my treadmill. Ha :) I’ll save the weekend update for next post, instead I want to recap last week…


From Jan 20 thru Feb 16 the Bar Method studio I go to was having a challenge. Take 12 classes, you get X% off, take 16 classes, you get Y% off. That kind of thing. The ultimate prize (a t-shirt haha) comes at the 20 class mark. Last week I was at 16 and I *think* I made it to 20… I’ll keep you posted :)

I’ve been loving Bar Method in the mornings before work Mon/Wed/Fri and I was stoked to see them start offering 7 am classes on Tuesday and Thursday as well. This week I had to take a few lunchtime classes since 8 am meetings took priority. I’m just happy that I’m consistently working out and getting a little “me” time. Now, I just need to find my running legs. Where have they gone??? Sad.


Adding granola makes plain Cheerios so much more palatable. I love that Costa Rica BFF coffee mug!!

The week progressed as usual … until Thursday. My mom had a routine colonoscopy in Palo Alto and I was the lucky one to pick her up and take her out to an early dinner :)


She requested a trip to Joya, one of the fancier restaurants on University Ave. Um, yes please! We kept it light and just split the tapas appetizer. If you know anything about a colonoscopy, you know that you’re A: really hungry from not eating for 2 days and B: a little bloated from the air insufflation.


Like mother like daughter, we were craving something sweet after our tapas platter. I’ve looked for an excuse to indulge in Cream‘s famous ice cream sandwiches, and this was it. The line is usually a million miles long, but we were able to walk right in and order. Score. I’m intimidated by the size (hello, calories!) and options/possibilities (10! * 20! *10! = 3.2*10^31 and that calculation doesn’t even include the V/GF cookies!!!!) but don’t worry I made up my mind. Feast your eyes on this:


Snickerdoodle cookie > Cookie Dough ice cream > Peanut Butter cookie

WOW. Still not as good as Cindy’s homemade ICS, but pretty freaking yummy.

As if that wasn’t enough sugar for one 24 hour period, Friday morning at 8 am we had a brownie decorating competition/social at work. In honor of Valentines Day, we grouped into teams and decorated large brownies with our company logo. With cheesy love music blasting, our St. Louis office was up on the conference screen decorating cookies in their office.


Our CEO judged the final projects and awarded a winner in both MTV and STL. Then, we picked names from a hat and made anonymous valentines for someone else in the office. We’re so cute.


Here’s a little Instagram video summary (p.s. sometimes the video embed only works on feedly?):

Valentines Day night was very relaxed. Kyle and I walked down the street to CPK and split the “special” (1 app, 2 entrees, 1 dessert). Our first date, which was on Valentines Day, was at the CPK in SLO. Throwback Date!


After the lettuce wraps, pizza, and bbq chicken salad, we were stuffed! I made as much room for the Red Velvet Cake as I could… what a trooper.


We’re nearing the six year mark, I can barely believe it… so glad this smartypants goofball is mine :)


Hope your Valentines Day was a hit!

Raise your hand if you ended the night with House of Cards! **raises hand**




Posted by Nicole

So after 16 (!!!!) days of not blogging, it’s due time for a catch-up post. Time to recap what I’ve been up to lately… or at least what I have captured in photos. Fyi, it’s lots of basketball, dancing, and hanging with friends… so the usual!

I just got home from watching the Warriors game with my good friend Natty. He is so kind and lets me come over to watch [almost] every single game.  Frikken’ King James and the Heat.. they were too good.


I went and hiked Hollywood earlier today. This hike will never get old! This week’s weather started out rainy, but jumped up to 80+ degrees today.


I saw what looked like a photoshoot and geeked out at how “LA” the situation was.


I haven’t been doing too much running lately, but it was nice to run 3.5 miles of today’s journey.


Yesterday night, I went to my first ever Lakers game with a good friend from home. It was interesting to see the different color scheme in the Staples Center compared to a Clippers game.


The Lakers lost to the Utah Jazz (I know…..), but at least the Laker Girls were entertaining! 4 routines per game is very impressive and I loved their sparkly bra/skirt outfits.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.45.40 PM

Speaking of dancing, we two big “crosstown rivalry” games on Saturday — UCLA women’s game in the afternoon and UCLA men’s game at night. There is always a double-header  each season and it was exciting that this year’s was versus UCLA.


We did some awesome new routines and it was so exciting to see the Galen Center more full than usual. The crowd’s energy always helps pump us up for our performances.


With our coach after the long 12 hour day….


I got a pre-game warmup the night before at DBA in Hollywood. This club describes itself as “A raw space brought alive by the artists and personalities inhabiting it each season. Blurring the lines between art & commerce, the venue is designed to function as cabaret, dance club, and interactive gallery space.”


There were various “acts” of partner masquerade dancing and other weird shenanigans. One of my goals for my last few months in LA is to explore some of the awesome nightlife that LA has to offer (Mom, aren’t you glad my priorities are set right?). I’d say I’m off to a good start!



I even had some Cristal and of course had to document the moment that reminded me of my awesome 21st! That stuff is liquid gold.


Kind of random, but I also went home briefly two weeks ago. Highlights of the quick trip home included getting coffee/catching up with my bff Marisa, having a busy work day and lunch date with Lauren, and getting some ridiculously cheap produce on my drive back. 3 lbs of oranges for $1… can’t beat that.




Clearly, nothing too crazy has been going on lately. This weekend is sure to be a fun one because I am celebrating Valentine’s Day with my girls, dancing at a few bball games, and my dad/stepmom/stepsis will be visiting on Sunday.

Write back later, hopefully not 16 days from now!

- Nicole

Stuck in a basement.


Posted by Lauren

So….. is it Friday yet? I don’t know about you, but last weekend flew by annoyingly fast. With the Super Bowl taking up an obnoxious amount of time (only obnoxious because it was boring and the Broncos lost), it left me anxiously awaiting the weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday I was part of our company’s “coaches offsite.” About 20 of us converged in the basement of the Palo Alto Sheraton and talked about everything under the sun – product, market sizing, customer success, data science – you name it. I feel extremely lucky to sit at the same table with these leaders.


Hotel meeting = hotel food. The selection was pretty decent and they kept the coffee stocked (thank goodness).


Monday night we went to Reposado in downtown Palo Alto. I had a little hometown love moment when I was able to show the St. Louis employees how to get to the restaurant, where Facebook used to be located, the 14 Palantir offices, etc.


The picture doesn’t show it, but our table took up the length of the downstairs dining area. My section of the table reminisced about our company’s history and how far we’ve came in the past year – we all cannot wait to see what this next year holds!! I ordered the seafood crepes (the best thing on the menu IMO) and they didn’t disappoint.

So… this weekend is my friend Kevin’s wedding!!!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with him, his beautiful fiance Julia, and some of our Cal Poly friends. I put this photo up on Instagram as my #tbt – it’s our first pic together from freshman year in 2005.


Speaking of college throwbacks, did you love or loathe the Facebook 10 year videos? I really liked mine…

It actually inspired me to spend WAY too much time on Facebook Wednesday night. Back in 2005-2008 I was on that website SO SO SO much. I stopped posting photos about the time I started blogging, and since then my usage decreased. I love how you can access all your group posts and messages and remember everything.

Thursday = typical day at work + 1 happy hour beer at Steins + bar class @ 7


Bring it on, weekend!


Hikes, Dance, the Usual


Posted by Nicole

Not much has been going on lately. Since I last blogged, I’ve mostly been hanging out with friends and enjoying LA moments. Last weekend, I danced at some bball games and watched the disappointing 49ers vs. Seahawks game with some buddies. The loss was such a bummer, but at least there was a pretty sunset that night?


On Monday, I went on a hike at Will Rogers National Park with some friends. Though I didn’t have school, it was nice for my friends to have the day off in celebration of MLK Jr. Day so we could get outside and be active. The weather was perfect and the views of Malibu and the ocean were amazing.




The coolest part of the hike was the patch of trees lined up along the trail. I got a little camera-happy.


We had dance practice on Tuesday and finished learning another new routine to Britney Spears’ “Work.” We performed the routine at Wednesday’s game and it was quite the crowd pleaser.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 12.22.36 PM

Our men’s team finally won a conference game… it was awesome to upset #2 Cal.


My friend Jamie also texted me this picture during halftime because I was on TV! Very exciting… and I’m happy that I was smiling when the camera was on me.


Yesterday, I braved rush hour on 110 to pick up a friend’s friend from the airport. We saw a beautiful sunset on the way back to USC.


Back at school, we quickly got ready for a special fraternity trip to Newport Harbor. The boat went out on the water for a couple hours and then we took buses back to SC.


I woke up to a motivating text from my friend Ashley. She suggested we go to the Silver Lake stairs and have an intense workout. These “Music Box Stairs” have some history: “these famous steps were named for the 1932 Academy Award winning Laurel and Hardy film where they tried to push a piano up the stairs between Vendome St. and Descanso Drive. The Three Stooges also filmed some shenanigans on another section of steps.”

Holy cow, stairs are no joke! There were three sets of stairs and we went up/down all the sets four times. Next time we are going to do 6 rounds. That is, if my calves don’t die before then.


The views from the stairs were very unique… it kind of felt like we were in a different country.

silver lake stairs




Luckily, we had dance practice in the afternoon so we were able to shake out our legs a bit and finish preparing routines for Sunday’s men’s game vs. Stanford. Tomorrow we are celebrating Ashley’s 22nd birthday with a party bus to Hollywood’s Bootsybellows club and it is sure to be a great time. Life is awesome right now and how is January almost over?!

– Nicole