SD Bound

Posted by Nicole

This morning started with a earlier wake up call than normal so I could complete my daily mile.


After the little run, I made a green smoothie. This one didn’t really have much substance- it was just some frozen strawberries, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, some ice, and a lot of spinach. This was really just a way to get a lot of greens in (and my spinach is on its last leg).


For some more filling food before dance practice, I had the last of the apples from my $0.48 bag along with some peanut butter.


Then it was time for dance practice. Insert: finishing up three routines and learning three new sidelines for the Friday and Sunday games. After practice, I went to Subway with some of the team. Yep, we had Subway two days in a row, but the coupons made it excusable, right?


Now I’m San Diego bound with Soraya and Sunny (friends from dance team), but we also have a special dude in the car with us.


Soraya’s Pomeranian, Tiger, is providing the entertainment for the ride.


He sits behind shoulders like such a cat.


I’m kind of excited to be in San Diego… Last time I was there was two years ago when I went to University of San Diego. A lot has changed in my life since then, but I’m sure SD is just as beautiful as when I left!

– Nicole

Reunions Galore

Posted by Lauren

Nicole’s done a fantastic job of recapping our Christmas Eve dinner with our mom’s family and Christmas day happenings with our dad’s family… thanks, sister. Where would this blog be without you?! ;)

The few days before Christmas were a little lazy on my part (I discovered the show Revenge. OMG.) but now that XMAS has come and gone, I’m actually getting out of the house! The great thing about the holidays is that a lot of people return “home” – friends from kindergarten, middle school, high school…. and I’ve seen em’ all! Sort of.

Kindergarten – 8th grade

rba xmas

On Thursday night I met Meredith, Vivian, and Sophia for dinner at the San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose. We invited a bunch of other people, but just the four of us could make it. It was my first time at the market and I marveled at the 20+ vendors selling all types of products and food. Did I want a few unique tacos? Wood-fired pizza? Breakfast hot dog? I eventually picked a deliciously salty chicken shawarma salad from Robee’s Falafel. HIT the spot. Can’t wait to go back for something else!

san pedro square market shawarma

The four of us concluded that we need to really get everybody back together. I’m lucky that Sophia and I keep in touch with our monthly dinners, and Meredith is in my fantasy football league (rest easy folks, it’s over and I won’t talk about it anymore (unless you want me to of course)), but I miss everyone else. Our school was exceptionally small and everyone knew each other so well.

san pedro square market robee's falafel

High School


As I left my elementary school friends, I got a text from Natalie asking me to stop by. She promised cookies, wine, a cute puppy to snuggle with, and Vanessa (who I haven’t seen since Thanksgiving). I drove there straight away and we all had a chance to catch up, talk some Real Housewives smack, and then watch the Food Network. I love those girls. We missed Sarah and Katie though!!


Owen was such a fluffy, tired pup by the time I showed up!





On Wednesday and Friday I spent time with two of my favorite girls, Kerry and Krizia, in San Francisco. They’ve popped up a bunch on the blog, but the gist of it is that we all lived together in college (plus Fran!) and we have something to prove it. On Wednesday we went to dinner at the ever fabulous Pizzeria Delfina on 18th Street, then out to Amnesia (loved!) and Beauty Bar (eh.) before our very own sleepover. On Friday we went to bottomless mimosa brunch at Radish on 19th Street. So much to do in the Mission, so little time. I’m keeping those foodie adventures for a separate post.


Right now I’m off to southern California to reunite with more college friends and ring in the New Year mayan masquerade style. I’ve got a loooooong drive ahead of me so please entertain me with a story about a friend you caught up with over break!


Cupcakes, Couch, Cutie

Posted by Lauren

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

In a few hours my mom and Nicole will pick me up for our annual pre-Christmas celebration in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to spending the day with those two, a great dinner at oola and hours upon hours of shopping!

Not much has happened since my last post… And that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it. Nicole’s home! She arrived just in time to help me pack up an order of 2 dozen gluten free Boo Radley’s cupcakes.






The extra batter left us with a spare baker’s dozen to enjoy among the fam. Shirley was happy about that!


Nicole and I made it to the gym late on Friday, after each taking down 2ish cupcakes. The sugar upset Nicole’s stomach (weakling) but it had the opposite effect on me for some reason. I was in the ‘running zoooone’ and busted out a fast 3 miles.


Reflection pic #proof LOL. Before we left, Nicole led a long ab workout that still has me sore. Thanks, sis.

I spent Friday night at my mom’s house, but since Nicole’s home, I had to sleep on the couch. No bueno.


Before I left my mom’s Saturday night, I made myself a bowl of soup and watched The Only Way Is Essexmas. Anyone with access to ITV2, please don’t judge me – it’s a guilty pleasure!


p.s. on Thursday night I went over to my high school bff Natalie’s house. Her mom Cindy had a surprise for everyone that day… a ten week old shit zhu puppy!!!


Isn’t he so adorable??!!?


Owen, Owie, O-baby, Lil’ Bink… whatever you call him, he’s such a sweet pup!

What are all of you up to on Christmas Eve Eve?


Rainy Day Shopping

Posted by Nicole

It’s Monday, the weekend is over, and it’s crunch time before my last two finals. But let’s talk about more exciting things………

venice beach

Sunday was such a fun day! I met up with two of my dance team friends, Erin and Kimberly, for a morning shopping trip at 10. We drove from South Central to Venice Beach, parked, and browsed the beachfront shops for a couple hours. It was drizzling, but luckily the rain held off while we walked around.

venice beach

The mission of the trip was to pick up Secret Santa gifts for our dance team gift exchange this Thursday, but it ended up being a bigger shopping trip than expected. I bought a sweater for myself, but also got a present for the gift exchange. Isn’t it the best feeling when you find a perfect gift for someone? I’m so excited for our dance team party later this week!

Around noon, we decided to get lunch in Santa Monica. My tummy was grumbling because I woke up too late for breakfast, and I sure was ready for a tasty lunch at True Food Kitchen in the Third Street Promenade. Erin has mentioned how “omg so good” this restaurant is a few times, and it sure didn’t disappoint! True Food Kitchen buys mostly local and organic ingredients, provides vegan/vegetarian/GF options, and serves fresh juices instead of soda.

I had a hard time deciding what to order (everything sounded amazing), but eventually decided on the Harvest Chop Salad – Squash, Apple, Pomegranate, Walnuts, Goat Cheese & Balsamic Vinaigrette.

true food kitchen harvest chop salad

The salad was perfectly light, but also filling. For the next couple of hours, we shopped around the Promenade, making successful stops at Starbucks and Brandy Melville.

santa monica promenade

santa monica promenade christmas

santa monica converse

Time to retire my debit card for a while… Oof.

Back at school, I made some oatmeal and then went to study with Charlotte and Lindsey. We learned that we are great study buddies, and managed to study for 5 hours straight…. with a few breaks of course ;)

At midnight, Charlotte and I took our study materials over to DG for some snacks. The extra fuel helped us memorize/cram for a couple more hours. Brain power requires calories!



All of today will be spent studying, cleaning my room (it’s getting bad), and going to the gym (I’m ready to get back at it after yesterday’s rest day).

Hope your week is off to a good start!

– Nicole

Question: Are you a solo studied or a group studier?