San Francisco Restaurant Wish List

Simply put, this is a list of Where Lauren Wants to Dine in San Francisco

Leave a comment if you have been to any places on this list and let Lauren know if you think it was/wasn’t worth the hype. Also, please add your own recommendations in the comments below and link to your reviews!

And, sponsors welcome. :) Hah! But really….. e-mail us:

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  2. blondiebakesandbikes

    OH MY GOD Millenium is seriously ahhhmayzing. Definitely recommend! It’s a little on the pricey side, and portions are small but everything is sooo good! My sister, mom and I all ordered different things and shared. I remember my favorite was a pumpkin curry forbidden rice dish! But they switch their menu up all the time…I know this because I’ve been there so many times haha! And of course don’t forget to try the dessert! :)


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