Sweet Reads

Here are some of our favorite blogs to follow and read…

IRL Friends and Overall Just Amazing
Katie, high school bff – Happy Hour Honeys
Fran, college roommate and bff – Braided Days
Kali, college friend and AOII sister – Living Every Day Wonderful
… and Kali’s travel blog – Wanderlust
Tyler, college pal – The Life and Times
Jenny, Kyle’s sis – Adventures of the Pretekin Pride
Ronny, DJ extraordinaire – Odd Bear Out
Alix, fellow bridesmaid – Ebbert, Table For Two
Bryan, indie music connoisseur – Live for Living
All the funny snarkers – Get Off My Internets

Bay Area Baller$
Kristine, San Francisco – Running on Hungry
Jordan – Food, Sweat, and Beers (not Bay Area, but SO awesome!)
Emily, San Francisco – Glitz Glam Granola
Caroline, San Francisco – Fearless Fitness
Courtney, Bay Area – Granola Chronicles

Janae – Hungry Runner Girl
Alyssa – Life of Blyss
Sarah – Once Upon a (L)ime
Emma – Sweet Tooth Runner
Tara – XC Foodie and Tri Sport Tara
Paula – Eat: Watch: Run

Emily – Daily Garnish
Ashley – The Edible Perspective
Aubrey – italktofood
Holly – The Healthy Everythingtarian
Kristin – Iowa Girl Eats
Courtney – Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Other Fascinating Peeps
Kailey – SnackFace
Meg – Sunshine ‘n Spice
Janetha – Meals & Moves
Susan – The Great Balancing Act

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  3. glitzglamgranola

    Thanks for the shout out!! xo

  4. Kristine

    THANK YOU! I need to actually MAKE a blogroll! That’s my tomorrow project! :)


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